What's your favorite line from a mob movie?


So last September Gene Gotti, 71 and brother of famous goombah the Dapper Don, John Gotti, head of the Gambino family, gets his ticket punched outta the Fed’s super lockup down Louisiana. He makes his way back up to the City, natch.

You may remember that when we last left the Gottis, in 2002, the Gotti’s Gambino territory was taken over by Domenico Cefalu. Cefalu’s street boss was Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali.

So. What happens Wednesday this week? Franky Boy is at home when a blue pickup track smacks into his Escalade SUV parked out on the street. Cali goes out see about his SUV. He talks with a guy in the pickup for about a minute, next thing you know he’s dodgin’ lead while dancin’ a jig under his Escalade. He don’t make it.

So. Co-inka dink? :thinking:

And they always seem to come at a time that you’re at your weakest and most in need of their help.
-Henry Hill

Mob’s gettin’ weak. Chattin’ with the hit and then havin’ to shoot him wrigglin’ under his Escalade like a common rat?!

I’ll go first. (Not just movies; television works, too)

Rose?! More Sanka.



(spoken with Cuban immigrant accent, lol)


OT but I liked this quote from the NY Post the other day

the hit, which one source described as “disrespectful” because it took place near his family home in an outer borough.

At least with Castellano they were respectful.

“Now go home and get your shine box”


I loved that bit, too.

And why were they respectful you ask? Because they killed him up in Manhattan. :crazy_face:


Is that what I think it is?
What do you think it is?
I think it’s a gun pressed up against my dick.



“I’ll give you undignified”


“Funny how?” - The Goodfellas


Too many from the wire

“just like you, man”


Another from The Wire:

Chess Scene


Let’s make it ten. Ten’s a nice … round, number.


Look in your heart.


I robs drug dealers.

Omar was a great character.


There was this scene in Election - 2 I think it was. A fresh kid became a police informant and they find him out, which he realises while they’re in a boat in the bay at night, and start tying him up and putting him in a bag to throw him into the water. The boss says “I hope you make better decisions in your next life, kid.” before throwing him off.


“You want to see if I’ve got the minerals?”


“Now you know what time it is.”


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I purposely avoided even Arts & Entertainment to put this in Fun & Games in order to avoid responses like this.

Please sober up and play the game, or stagger over to IP and practice your buzzkill skilz there.


Will do. My apologies.