What's Your favourite kind of cloud?

What’s your favourite kind of cloud?

  • Nimbostratus
  • Cloud of Unknowing
  • St Cloud
  • Cumulus humilis
  • Poison gas clouds
  • Cumulus mediocris
  • ‘Clouds’ the song
  • Clouds with silver linings
  • Pink panther clouds
  • Little Fluffy Clouds

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I’m doing a research project for a top secret organisation. We are hoping to record clouds of different size and density in order to measure their discreet viscosity within the usual ambifunctional parameters. mp3s may be commercially available by 2011!

My organisation is in no way connected with the Croatian mafia.

Fluffy clouds might be relevant to your research, too. Don’t discriminate against Fluffiness.

My organisation is in no way connected with the Croatian mafia.[/quote]
Ahem… Nor with the CGET (Croatian Government in Exile on Taiwan) you forgot to mention.

Duly added.

I hate stratus and poison gas clouds. I’ve never seen a Pink Panther cloud and hate any cloud which appears in winter over Taiwan. I like the clouds that aeroplanes leave behind them on winter mornings and I like throwing peices of cotton wool and pretending they are clouds.

I spent many a fond Christmas in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

A cloud of pot smoke leaving my lungs and filling the interior of my Chevy Malibu station wagon.

A cloud of confusion or ignorance being lifted. The cloud of smoke from a BBQ, or a burning neighbor’s trailer.

Well, what the hell kind of question is this anyway?

What, no mushroom cloud?

Can’t make up my mind, somehow this is clouding my judgement.

You don’t have lenticular or mammatus clouds in your list. I refuse to vote until at least one is added as they are my two favorite kinds of clouds.


Mammatus clouds

Lenticular clouds

If your agents are looking for useful clouds for covering up conspiracies or anything, I guarantee those are the two types of clouds you all should be looking at.

I heard that IrishStu has a cloud attachment to go along with the frickin laser beams.

The ones you look at while on hallucinogens are quite nice. :wink:

Clouds, and all opaque matter, obviously look their best with angled lighting.
Dawn & Dusk are most opportune.

That said, who can argue with a Silver Lining?

ImaniOU :unamused: nice ‘photos’. Anyone can see you drew those with crayons. Are you working for irishstu’s laboratory?

Dangermouse, like the cotton wool thing. Amputated rabbits’ tails could also work well.

Clouds fucking freak me out. On so many levels. It’s been a strange week.