What's your favourite Tom Waits song?

Chocolate Jesus and most of the stuff on the Mule Variations album.

Right now, “God’s Away on Business” or “Filipino Box Spring Hog”.

Must be Blind Love.

Only kind of love is stone blind love.

Must be Blind Love.

Only kind of love is stone blind love.[/quote]

Oooooh, yeah, I LOVE that one, good call.

Big Black Maria
Walking Spanish

[quote=“Lord Lucan”]Title and reason (if you like )… I’d be interested to hear…

Small Change[/quote]

Man, that should be “No Change”… and yes I’m awake at 4 A.M.

Gee, the man’s oeuvre is big enough to get lost in. The tracks mentioned so far are so far off my radar, it’s almost like we’re talking about different people.

Favourite tracks?

Town With no Cheer. Lines like “there’s a hummingbird trapped in a closed down shoe store” and “the train smokes down the xylophone” are pure poetry.

Gin Soaked Boy. That is one nasty guitar sound!

Cinny’s Waltz. Pure aural comfort.

Step Right Up. “It’s new, it’s improved, it’s old-fashioned.”

A Little Rain. The lilting chorus line is beautiful.

Favourite line about Tom Waits written by some music journo somewhere: “There are no shopping malls in Tom Waits’s songs.”

Anyone else notice that Turkish bank (airline?) commercial on CNN lately that appears to use a ripoff of Tom Waits as their soundtrack, with a deep gravelly voice that resembles no one else?

[quote]There are no shopping malls in Tom Waits’s songs."[/quote]My sister met him trying on shoes in a shop on edinburgh’s princes street once.

Tom Waits live at Atlanta’s Fox Theater - Down in the hole… you gotta keep it down … npr.org/templates/story/stor … d=92916923