What's your hobby in Taiwan?

What’s your hobby in Taiwan?

  • Snorkling
  • Parasailing
  • Collecting shells
  • Square dancing
  • Erecting models
  • Watching soaps
  • Off road vehicles
  • Restoration and carpentry
  • Diddling
  • Other–what?

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What’s your hobby in Taiwan?


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I can’t be the only person here into shitting watermelon seeds, can I?

Don’t tell anyone, but I like making ‘fart’ phone calls to the Taipei TImes.

Ahhh, so you’re the anoymous source they keep quoting …

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I think I’d definitely an avid diddler. Ah but what kind of a diddler?

First the Taipei Times firewalled instant messaging services (ICQ, MSN, etc.), next it will be the phones (already tapped?). Alien, maybe you can mail your farts to the TT – attention Mr. Rick Chu.

Or you could snail-mail them to him … try to find a printing company equipped to produce scratch-and-sniff cards!

hey monkey dont you mean smell-mail :laughing:

I have many hobbies here in Taiwan. My most satisfying is babe-watching. My most controversial is self-appointed spelling deputy:

Spiny, you may be a deity of some sort but I’m going to have to pull you over on a spelling violation anyway. This is the second time I’ve had to cite you by the way. You know you’re really testing my faith here.

S…n…o…r…k. . . .

Others - though i am not sure what …

Not really a hobby here in Taiwan, but that’s what it felt like for about 40 hours. That’s how long it took me to refinish this antique hutch. It’s about 90 years old. It’s the second time that it is refinished, except the last guy who did it thought well of painting the whole thing brown…

I used a paint stripper first, then I sanded the whole thing, then I used a maple color stain and finished with a clear lacker.

Before (after I tested the paint stripper on the drawers):


Ain’t that pretty? tap…tap…



It doesn’t look like an antique (quite a modern design). Just out of curiousity, how old is it? How much is it worth?

I’m told that it’s about 90 years old. Does that qualify as antique? I’m not actually sure how old it has to be to be considered antique. It was built more than 50 years before I was even born. I think it’s pretty cool. Up close, I can see that it is very old. If you look at the before picture closely, you can see that the middle doors have the metal window screen to keep bugs out. It was originally made to store food. The shelves inside are small 4" planks nailed together with double sided nails. I had never seen that before. Definitely old style. I had to fix all the shelves because the nails all rusted and broke leaving the shelves just loose planks. I had to fix other things here and there because the nails rusted and broke, too.

I have no idea how much it’s worth. It was in pretty bad condition when a friend bought it for NT$ 4,000 and I traded a queen size mattress for it. I think I scored. I’m guessing it’s not worth that much because it was redone twice, and because the wood is cracked in two places. Not major cracks and it still looks awesome to me, but it would certainly affect the value quite drastically. I’m guessing that one like that in perfect condition would be worth a bundle, though.


R/C cars
toys in general
computer games
bikes / scooters
women watching

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NT4000 for a large piece of solid wood furniture is a steal. A B&Q closet made out of particleboard would cost as much. Old or not it looks great and you got it for a song. Well done.

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That is a nice refinishing job, marboulette! Pretty piece. Well done. :slight_smile:

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Hey, bones, praising people is MY hobby. Bugger off ya old cradle robber.

Did I mention my hobby was cradle robbing? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re very good at it. :wink: