What's your kid's nickname at home?

When she was < 6 months, I called her Small Babies. Then she got a bit bigger, and became the Big Spooch. Now she’s either:

Chocolate Hobsons (Hobsons for short)
Chicken Waffles

God help her.


Ours is blobby after the first picture the consultant drew for us. He hasn’t been born yet though.

When he comes I plan to sit on a long haul flight next to Sandman and stab him regularly with a pin. :smiley:

The consultant drew you a picture? You know you can get little photies of junior, these days? They really do all look the same, though. I’m not sure it’s not just a DVD they put in to shut you up,

Same as mine was…“Dammit!”

He likes it.

My daughter was called Ni-ni until she turned ten or so. Right now my son is just called “the D”.

The housekitten has had many, many handles.

He was my “buddy” when he was very little.

His dad called him “hammy” because his little legs got so fat, and the burrito when he was just new and all swaddled.

When he was just beginning to get his groove, he was “Chicken Nugget.”

He’s still Mo-Mo sometimes–peach in Japanese, and other times he’s “Big Mac.”

Right now, he’s “Tumpling.” This is because he came home from school the other day and asked me to cook Chinese style pot stickers for him, calling them “tumplings” in stead of “dumplings.” I thought it was so cute! It is also cute that he has told me it’s okay if I call him that, but not in front of anyone else–so, SHHHHHH–don’t tell him I told you!

It’s distrubing how many of these monikers have to do with food . . . . .

Probably call mine : line 4b (tax exemption)

mine was “Oi!”


For a long time he was just [color=#800080]

OK, mine started off as monkey, and has now progressed to “monkey nuts” not quite sure why, but it somehow fits.

Occasional uses of “little bugger” and other less tasteful epithets referring to the contents of nappies have been ommitted for reasons of taste…

The Coconut


The Business
The Biscuit Wagon


The Goomster
Goomulus Maximus (after we watched Gladiator, obviously)

and lately

Bubster Wubster

Stinky Monkey No. 1 & Stinky Monkey No. 2. They respond to this or something like, “Monkey No. 1”, when called.

Only I am allowed to call them that. Their mom must call them AnAn & TangTang.

I am the Big Gorilla or “Kong”.

When very young one was the Annimal because her name is Anne and the other was the Meatball because he was so fat.

Boo Boo (after the first syllable he was able to articulate).

With #2 here now, I’m thinking about following Dr. Suess and going with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Poop pants
PeePee monster
Monkey Boy
Jett Boy
Squodge Gobbler
Monster Boy

I never call him by his proper name Jett unless he’s in trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:

My youngest gets all the baby names like “sweetie pie” “darling” “baby”. The middle one insists on “Princess” as her moniker while the first, a boy, says" My name is Joseph so call me Joseph"

He did come home from kindy one day and tell me “Mom, I have three names, Chang Hao, Joseph and the kids at school gave me a nickname…Jo Se Foooo!” :laughing:

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Same as mine was…“Dammit!”

He likes it.[/quote]

have to agree.
Daughter asked me this morning, whilst pumping up bike tires:
“Why, Dammit?!”
I had to give a hasty explanation about valves.

baby, killer or a seriously new-yawk abbreviated version of name

小白鵝 … little white goose

My sister’s younger boy is the little dwarf coz he’s the shortest of the family and hamburger in chinese, relates to his chinese name.

Most of the time the elder girl is just meimei (although she insists on getting an upgrade to jiejie) and the boy is didi, as in most taiwanese family I suppose.