What's your least favorite party in Taiwan?



Li-Chan Lin 林麗蟬 First immigrant law-maker in Taiwan
  • KMT
  • PFP
  • NPSU
  • DPP
  • NPP
  • TSU
  • Green Party Taiwan
  • Republicans (MKT)
  • New Party
  • CUPP
  • Republic of China Communist Party
  • Production Party

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the party with no beer


And that only plays EDM.


Even though MKT is no more, and now part of Miaotian’s Congress Party Alliance, I would still pick it, and CPA, Miaotian’s current political puppet. The idea of abusing religious powers to push for unification just grosses me out.

If I am given the option of KMT, MKT/CPA, or DPP, and not voting for the KMT candidate has a big chance of giving MKT/CPA the office, I would vote KMT. That’s how much I dislike MKT/CPA.


Thanks for making the poll, but you forgot the Trees Party! :palm_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :doh:

(I know, they’re tiny, but… Production Party? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


You’re right! I forgot about them.

Production party I remember because there were a few instances that I saw people flying around defaced Chinese Flags.

Also forgot the Faith and Hope League