Whats your prediction for the electoral college?

I thought to lighten the mood it’d be fun to see everyone’s prediction for the electoral college.

Fivethirtyeight has created a simulation that predicts the winner based on the key battleground states, or you can pick the winner of each individual state by selecting all states and picking each state.

Here’s my prediction assigning a winner to each state.

Biden takes Arizona and most of the rust belt - Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and keeps Minnesota.

Trump keeps Ohio, Florida, Texas and Georgia, and North Carolina.

IMO this is a conservative estimate that does not assume a Biden landslide, and excludes states where Dems have become competitive.

Biden 290 vs Trump 248

What’s your map?

I haven’t looked at a map, but I’ll go with Biden with 300. Perhaps I’ll update this when I get a map and give more specifics.

Also, the math might change if the press starts to do their job and look into Biden’s corruption and lies about it…or his rape allegation (just joking on that last one; they’ve already thrown metoo under the bus).


I’ll skip voting because I don’t know enough about the electoral college system for my opinion to count for anything, but I’ve just made a mental note to check back here tomorrow to see how “light” the mood is after the Trump fans have shown up. :grin:

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Haha I don’t get my hopes up, but did think talking about what will actually happen vs what we want or think should happen would be a good change of pace. But the real fun is coming back to this after the election to see who was right.

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Trump wins 278 to 260 or Biden wins 329 to 209.

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The US people will fail international expectations. Said US people wont care. Infighting will ensue, and more non progress will ensue for 4 more years.

Or…a rwalistic 3rd.party gets in. Teeheehee


Bloody maps won’t let me select Marijuana Party!

Well if it’s a party you’re looking for. Come to Colorado I’ll show you some parties. :dash:

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I find electoralvotemap.com more user-friendly for making EV maps. Anyway, this is what I suspect. Biden getting 335 EV. Think he’ll get NC, AZ and FL, but not OH, IA, GA or TX. Although I’d love to be wrong on that.

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You think he’ll get PA?

Yes. 100%

Who do you think will win?

No idea. It’ll be close.

Here’s my prediction just for fun…

Don’t forget you can split some electoral votes in Maine and Nebraska