What's your swan song?

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

I’m thinking of “Highway to Hell”

People Who Died, by The Jim Carrol Band.

To Lay Me Down: The Grateful Dead

It doesn’t matter as long as they play it really really really really really loud so I can hear it.

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

It doesn’t matter because I won’t be able to hear it!!

BTW Peter Sellers used to do a rather outrageous type of radio show with the likes of Spike Milligan and some other really famous comedians (who I don’t know :blush: ), called the Goon Show. Apparently he arranged to have the theme to the Goon Show played as his coffin ws lowered into the grave and it cracked everyone up, and they were falling about with laughter at his burial.

guess you had to be there. :blush:

I wasn’t. :raspberry:

No religious music. It’s in my will - nothing religious will go on at my funeral.

Nessun Dorma :sunglasses:

Some funky Afrikan drums was the first thing that came to mind.

Since I’ve pretty much given up listening to music at all in recent years, I guess there will have to be the sounds of silence. Oh shit, I hope no one interprets that as meaning I want Simon and Garfunkel played at my funeral. :astonished:

Hello darkness my old friend.

Smokestack Lightnin’

My 14 year old (at the time) son chose the opening music for my husbands memorial service. It was his last gift to his dad and I think his father would have loved it. The church really rang out to the sounds of Queen - Another one bites the dust and Hendrix - The wind cried Mary. He threw in a little Elvis as well. It was perfect for his dad but the kid won’t be choosing my music. I’d better get some planning done I think. I can’t stand Elvis. The rest, well, I won’t be around to hear it anyways…

I don’t know yet, but I’m certain it has to be some funny shit. I don’t want my funeral to be some maudlin, weepy, depressing crapfest. Bill Hicks’ “it’s just a ride” bit would definitely be on the playlist though.

Something by 5566


Maybe “Thriller”

Ode to Joy


O Freunde, nicht diese T

Fur Elise

Detachable Penis

[quote=“Elegua”]Fur Elise[/quote] :laughing:

So we can just stuff you in the garbage truck?

Disco Inferno (Burn baby burn)