Wheelchair Motorcycle (trike)

I’m new to the board and am returning to Taiwan to live and work (I left in 1980, so it’s been a while). Does anybody know of a place in Taiwan that can modify a scooter/motorcycle for wheelchair use. I’ve seen pictures of guys in wheelchairs riding scooters that have been modified but am not sure how to go about finding someone who has done it in the past and would build a safe one for me. I’m a paraplegic and am interested in getting one when I get on island in July. I’d also be interested in modifying one of the small mini vans and having a ramp installed in the back for me to roll up inside and drive. Thanks in advance for any good leads on either option.

Modified scooters & motorbikes were recently discussed in this thread: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 5&t=110447
Hope it helps!

Thanks. I checked it out but the link that might have been gold, is now dead (no longer active). I’m not sure if that means the shop is out of business or just took down their Internet presence.

Thankfully I found a plce here in Taichung that converts almost any kind of motorcycle or bike. They specialize in custom mods but do wheelchair mods as well.