Wheelchairs in Taiwan

=================A friend of mine got polio as a kid here, and must use a wheelchair now to get around Taipei. She seems to do whatever she wants, but still, it seems like a hard life. She’s about 30.

=================== Are there any charity groups that work with wheelchair people to give them sports activites and field trips around the island?

First, a plug for the Nook Cafe - the cafe is wheelchair accessible, though the theatre upstairs is not.

I have in front of me a magazine called “Will”, which bills itself as “the country’s first obstacle-free leisure, travel and living information magazine.” The mag’s web site is www.sunable.com If you can read Chinese, check out the links page. You could start off by contacting the Eden Foundation - its web site has an English section.

The mag’s web site is www.sunable.com.tw

Thanks Juba. the URl u gave me was missing the TW at the end. FYI