When breaking the law can save a life

Incredible story of a man fishing at Kaohsiungs Chen Ching lake (its illegal to fish there) who saw a 37 year old lady jump into the water attempting suicide. He was able to snare her with the fishhook and reel her in !! That is some pretty strong line and some great fly casting ! 119 was called and the woman was saved thanks to this guy who was fishing illegally but who had the foresight to use what he had to save a life !

We get a lot of bad news in the news, its good to get some good news for a change. We need more heros .

youtube.com/watch?v=lXPesJRU … ture=feedu

It was nice that he saved her, but the authorities need to prosecute him for attempted destruction of natural resources.

Besides if the old lady wants to off herself she will most likelly succeed next time.

Plenty of people fish there in spite of what the signs say. I don’t buy the story as presented, either. Unless he was fishing for sturgeon, I doubt the tackle he had would have been heavy enough to reel in a human.

^ I actually don’t think so either.

Yeah i learned a wee bit bout fishing and thats the first thing that I thought. The line and hook would have to be strong enough to reel in a frickin SHARK.

Actually the line wouldn’t have to be that strong. All you need to do is overcome the force of friction and any currents acting on the body. You wouldn’t have to support the full weight of the lady.