When does summer travel season end?

I am thinking of visiting some of the cities in Taiwan and was curious when the travel season ends and hotel prices go down?

Relatedly, if there are any brief bursts like for ghost month or whatever (I don’t know) in the coming months.

Public schools start today and universities go back in the next couple of weeks, so I’m assuming prices will start to drop.

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First ten days of October might be busy. Festival, holiday weekend, and national day.


It depends on which day do you plan to travel
Usually price drops on weekdays (monday to thursday)
Also some hotel stimulus vouchers can be used until the end of September /October
October has some holidays (Moon festival and 10/10) so I think you can get better prices after that (around November)

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Thanks! Seems like the time would be the second half of September and the second half of October.

Any potential (foreseeable/usual) weather concerns?

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They are very busy, we have been booking stuff .

Typhoon season continues up to November but would be unlucky…Check forecast in advance

At the moment I’m looking towards the end of September, which might seep into October.

10/10 is a Saturday so I assume that weekend (up to and possibly including Monday, 10/12) will be very busy, but how about on the other side, near the beginning of October?

10/1-2 is Thursday/Friday, will those likely be busy? I checked a calendar and it says both are Mid-Autumn Festival, I guess they’ll be days off?

Yes , most tourist attractions will be busy at that time , also some train tickets are selling out for that week

Your best bet is by the end of September , however keep in mind we have a makeup day on Saturday Sep. 26

the makeup day means fewer people will be traveling, right? Potentially that whole weekend?

that’s right , fewer people will be traveling on that weekend ,
If you don’t need to work on that Saturday, then is a good time for traveling


How about for the week of 10/12? Does the travel usually end on the Monday (10/12), or will people often take more days off, even in the week?

Thinking of doing a trip that week (e.g. Tuesday and on) as I hope people will be “all traveled out” briefly.

You’re probably overthinking it. If it’s an official day off, most places will be very busy. If it’s officially a working day, and summer vacations are done, it won’t be as busy - but on this island, only rarely will you have a place to yourself. There’s not much you can do beyond that, except worry about typhoons, and those are mostly a matter of luck.

If you’ve got the chance to travel the days of Oct. 12 to 16, sure, it’ll be fine. Places won’t be packed, and you’re likely after the summer heat, and before the winter clouds.

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I don’t expect the place to myself, just want to save the traffic and enjoy however more quiet it’ll be. Cheaper hotel rates and more availability is nice too.

Based on what you said it sounds like probably most people will be back home on Monday even though it’s a day off since the next day is a working day, and probably some will take an extra day or whatever off for the ride back.

But in any case that’s clear enough for me to make the decision. Thanks!

I may be wrong about this, but I thought the day off is Friday October 9th (as “make-up” for Saturday Oct. 10), and Monday Oct. 12 is a normal work day. That’s just a three-day weekend; Thu. Oct. 1 through Sun. Oct. 4 is a four-day weekend.

Yeah, thanks again. I don’t know where I got 10/12 from. I guess I made it up assuming that people may take an extra vacation day to make it a 4 day weekend.

Don’t forget the bonus of a working Saturday. Most people get to work that day… so it’s a typically quieter day elsewhere. Take a sickie, go enjoy yourself!

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