When does the CNY tourism (traffic) stop?

I’m thinking of taking a bit of a trip but not wanting to encounter lots of traffic on the non-highway routes down to Kenting then maybe onwards up to Hualien.

To what degree would I encounter the CNY traffic if i were to make this trip over the next few days?

My experience is the big CNY migration south is the 2nd day of CNY, or “hui niang jia” (“return to mom’s house”), which is today (Sunday). By Tuesday or so, everyone will start coming back north, creating horrendous northbound traffic jams, but the southbound roads should be pretty free and clear. You can check with Google Maps before you depart to get a handle on the traffic situation.

… get busy sometimes some places but nothing like the highways that easily come to a dead stop with no options.

Just take a slightly different route if encountering undesirable traffic and enjoy the view and new scenery while maybe adding some extra minutes but rarely adds a lot of time.

Google maps works great for such situations.

Always avoid the road to kenting on Friday evening and Saturday morning and returning/departing Sunday afternoon unless taking known shortcuts heading to East coast.

On over to hualien no worries except minimal ongoing construction delays up to taitung.

Thank you both!

Do you mean the construction on that mountainside road that overlooks the ocean? I thought they more or less finished it?

You used to have to wait 20-30 minutes (or more?) per side to get through.

Was driving that part few months ago and it was still ongoing. Not sure if finished as big project. Talking about the large roads being built South of taitung.

Coming to you live from the middle of major traffic: it’s fucking jammed at many spots both directions.

My advice to my future self is to leave early and get all the driving done in the wee hours - don’t plan any commuting in the daytime or you’re going to encounter really bad driver olympics.