When female TV star obit in news, eds print breast measurements. WHY?

When a TV entertainer named Rabbit Yang (27) committed suicide 12 days ago by hanging herself, apparently not over a failed loved affair as she was reportedly happy with her boyfriend, also a TV entertainer in Taipei, but she suffered from depression for many years according to her family. When she died on Saturday, APPLE DAILY ran a half page send off to her complete with angel wings on her back, to signal that even though suicide is not the good thing to do, as it leaves family and loves ones sad and mourning, she did not do it for bad reasons but just because …she suffered so much from a deep deep depression that could not be treated. So she hung herself.

But…this is what I am posting: when the obit page ran today in the Apple Snaily, the editors ran a nice story about her life complete with photos etc, and THEN the editors listed her measurements! bust size, waist and hips. WTF? How does a woman’s breast size figure into an otherwise sweet obituary?

Would the Apple Daily ever print the penis measurements of male singers and stars when they die? No way. So why treat women this way in a Taiwanese newspaper? Asia seems to treat women like sex toys, in print, in all the Chinese language newspapers and I presume Hong Kong does this too.

Do any women ever complain about this? It’s really deep male chauvin piggery but who knows. Maybe female Taiwanese fans of Rabbit Yang want to know her bust size as they mourn her passing? i don’t think male fans even care how big her boobs here. So who was the intended readership of the three size crap in her obit page? Funny and weird and sad.

Chinese langauge video news
appledaily.com.tw/animation/ … /36674268/

ENLISH news:
straitstimes.com/lifestyle/e … ng-suicide

Are you new to this planet?

They do that to the living and breathing, one would expect them to have a little finesse regarding a dearly departed. Hope her fans’ ghosts plague their offices and organize massive computer breakdowns for printing such disgusting sexist crap.

I know it is their SOP, but it is really worrisome. There is this cute underage starlet, they published her measurements along with her life and miracles, which start at elementary school, alleged romances and the kicker, worth in earnings. That last one has bothered me a bit, as when some celebrities/whatever get hitched, they tend to publish these charts with, you guessed, age, weight, body measurements, and net worth in earnings. Oh, and address if they can.

Heaven save us from the local press! May we never fall in their clutches!

[quote=“Icon”]They do that to the living and breathing, [BUT] one would expect them to have a little finesse regarding a dearly departed…

…Heaven save us from the local press! May we never fall in their clutches![/quote]

Good way to say it: “have a little finesse regarding the dearly departed.” Boggles the mind.

On the right side of the page, APPLE lists her name and age 27 and dates 1987 to 2015 and then height 156 cm and weight 35 kg and 3 sizes 31D, 23, 33…

For a starlet story who is ALIVE, okay, that’s show biz, and I heard that most women in Taiwan actually like to read and want to know other women’s measurements, the stars that is, not DPP or KMT presidential candidates, of course – but THAT could be next! – but to list her measurements in her obit page, it’s almost obscene and unBuddhist-like, un-Taoist, uncalled for. But, yes, c’est la vie in Alice in Wonderland’s ‘‘Taiwan.’’

HERE’s the lack of finesse online now at Apple site:

with the photo of Ms Yang with halo over her head and white angel wings on her back:

appledaily.com.tw/appledaily … /36674268/


得年:27歲 1987╱09╱17∼2015╱07╱18

She was in a very successful mostly Taigi series called Flavor of Life back in 2013.

I’m always curious about the cock length of deceased male actors.

Thanks for sharing.

Because for Taiwan, they’re pretty big. Had her boobies been small, they wouldn’t have listed them.