When is an ARC not an ARC?

I’ve recently quit my job and left on good terms with my employers. The ARC that I acquired through this position is good (or rather would have been good…) for another few years. If my emloyers do not cancel this ARC is there anything to stop me coming and going on this visa? I understand that this is not entirely above board, but if neither they, nor I, inform whichever government department looks after this sort of thing- what exactly will happen?



How do you file income taxes ?

Go to Chung Hwa Avenue near the North Gate. The Tax Bureau is just west of it. At tax time they have many boxes of tax forms and instructions.

This actually happened to me about 6 or so years ago. I left an employer on good terms. Spent some time doing freelance childrens music, but did not make much money at it. The former employer neglected to mention to anyone that I had left, which was nice of them.
After about a year, I got a job, providing ARC, in a different field.