When is Chinese New Year?

I want to start booking my flights:)

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese year 4706 begins on Feb. 7, 2008.

Battery9, hurry up with and make your reservation TODAY. Most flights are already booked solid from the 6th on. I know. I’m staying put.

In the good old times they would be sold out in November…

Starts on a Thursday … makes that this CNY holiday will only be 4 days … or they might include Mo., Tu. and Wed. … that would make it a 9 day holiday … doubt it tho …

Yep, quite short on holidays next year. Really infuriating that they announce that next year public employees will have (WOW) 112 days off… most of them Saturdays and Sundays. Actually, only 3 days are holidays, if I’m not mistaken.

Boy, do I ever have this question covered: When is Chinese New Year?

So the first day of the Chinese year of the Rat, February 7 2008, falls on a Thursday.

I just checked my Taiwanese agenda’s calendar. Wed to Fri are colored red, so there are three official holidays in that week? For Taiwanese companies, don’t they make that whole week a holiday? (Mostly taking the other days, Mon & Tue in this case, deducted from salary).

The Chinese New Year begins on 7th of 2008.
The hoidays will begin from 6th to 11th.
There will be totally 6 days off from work.