When is the right time to leave

Rains like crazy in Yilan though.


Very unpopular opinion but I love hot rain!

I do need to get something other than 50cc gogoro before I get there though.

Oh yeah just like WWII did?

Yeah, temporarily

Just like the water to end all wars did

I like Yilan a lot. I just wish it had footpaths.


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It’s technically classified as 50 cc :woman_shrugging:t3:

But it’s got no CC’s… :sweat_smile:

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You’re just not riding the right Gogoro :sweat_smile:

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Black Drogo beer in Yilan is pretty good.


WW3 will be nukes!

There’s plenty more great food here in Hk, the culinary capital of the planet!

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Maybe later after the final settlement? TW is rated as the most dangerous island on the planet this year.

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Is that the name of a ship, or are we talking about Charles Darwin?

I have a cousin in New Zealand who will visit Taiwan in April.

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I was blocked twice for honestly and openly expressing my opinions on the BRF.

From invasion to transaction! Now that’s capitalism and globalisation!

Darwin port in northern Australia!

Google details.

99yr lease=permanence!

Expansionism and totalitarianism!

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It’s also a city in Australia

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And? What’s your point?

Is that how the kids now refer to “barf”? :thinking: