When the ARC expires

In a few months my ARC expires and I don’t know if I will be coming back. It’s about 85% that I will.

I would like to leave about £1000 in my bank account here but I wonder what will happen to the money if I don’t come back or don’t get another ARC.

Also is it better just to transfer the whole lot and then start again? I don’t want to transfer lots of money then transfer it back because that is just a big waste of money.

My contract runs out in February then I plan on going for a break in England then coming back with another job but there is some small uncertainty but I don’t want to be in the position of just losing all the money!

What is the best thing to do?

Thanks for your help

Without a valid VISA or ARC I would not ‘leave’ money in an account here. I overstayed a visa six years ago, and they took it all.

Just the other day I went to change my address at my bank, didn’t have my ARC (getting the address changed, so the government keeps it and sends it back once the address is changed…silly I agree), and they were about the put a hold on my bank account until I could prove I had a ‘valid visa/arc’.

After an discussion, they tore up the ‘change of address’ form that I had filled out, and will go back and do that once I have proof of ‘visa/arc’ in my hand.

Its not that much to move money from one country to another, or even have them cash it out to you and trade it in at a physical bank, not the money exchange places at the airport, they will take you for as much as they can. Might even make money depending on what country you are transferring the money to.