When they come around, Green Day in Taipei March 2020

Heard Green Day is going to be at Taipei Arena. How are they going to play music real if the neighbors will complain like they did with A-mei.

It’s a Saturday night at least.

Father of All Motherf*ckers new album coming out.

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The American Clash?

they should’nt listen to old people otherwise who’s gonna come to play?

That is the one band the rest of my family absolutely positively cannot stand. They can sit through Animals as Leaders, they can sit through Drake, they can sit through King Crimson and late 70s Miles Davis, but Green Day is a dealbreaker.

He didn’t play from 1975 to 1980

You are correct. I meant everything from Bitches Brew on. Guess I was thinking of someone else.

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Easy listening :yum:


Are they coming to Taiwan with Weezer and Fallout Boy? That’s who they’re touring with at the moment; it would be pretty amazing if they did.

from /r/taiwan, ticket info:

(date is actually Tue 17 Mar)

Will this be easy to get a ticket for? I’m wondering how quickly previous big shows (Guns N Roses, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran) sold out.

Also are ticket resellers/touts/scalpers a problem in Taiwan?

When I took my daughter to see G 'n R in Taoyuan the only tickets left were the ones right in front of Slash at 6500NT.

Ouch! It was her birthday present so fair enough.