When will quarantine in Taiwan end? Ends 13/10

Yeah, guess not, just kinda supposed to stay in your room as much as possible, the same as when you get Covid, we’re allowed to quarantine at home, just stay in your private space.
Anyways yeah, I’m gonna miss the freedoms of Canada, think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to mask up in my three month stay here.

Doesn’t seem like the track the cell phones anymore. I noticed my phone was off most of the day. No missed calls, no messages or visits. Last winter my friend was visited by the police like 4 times, somehow his phone tracking didn’t work so they came again and again.

Victor is a great English name for him.

Looks like Taoyuan has got the same weird policy. It is without any logic, one of those Taiwanese absurds.

By the way, has anyone found any info on the net saying that I can’t go to work if it is a school during self-health management ?
I spent hours looking but couldn’t find anything.