When will quarantine in Taiwan end?

My newspaper the Guardian, I often found the stories on the front page

If you’re being flown into foreign countries to stand up factories, you’re kind of a specialist by definition, eh? ;D

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I’m not sure if this is the right thread, but are visitors even allowed to come to Taiwan now? I haven’t been keeping up on this at all. A family member wants to come to visit, btw. I know it’s a terrible time and probably not even possible.

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I’d like to know the same, I’m sure not tourists but business people, teachers? can’t find any info on Taiwan immigration site.

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No, unless there’s some humanitarian reason like a dying family member etc.

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Thanks for your reply. So only Taiwan citizens and residents (ARC and APRC holders) can enter Taiwan, right?

Essentially, yes. Now also including university students and spouses/children of Taiwan citizens.


Chen says 70-80% vaccines should be able to reduce restrictions while at the same time trying to learn lessons in the meantime from the countries that have already opened up. 冠狀病毒之父建議「疫苗覆蓋率達8成」就解封 陳時中回應! | ETtoday生活新聞 | ETtoday新聞雲


You will be a specialist - but not meaning as in super highly educated, but often just knowing the product well. I know many engineers or IT people who travel around a lot to set up products - but that doesn’t make them paid very well. They easily could be replaced by others after 1-2 years of training. They are not flown around to setup a full factory - they are flown around to stage a new software, train local people, or to install a new machine.
Earning a gross salary of 60.000-80.000€ - that means net around 40-50k (while the company pays maybe 80-100.00k for them - as social contributions are split between employee and employer in Europe). Just average engineers with a bachelor/Master degree and a couple of years experience with your products. For travel they will get some bonus (30-50€ net per day plus accomodation and car paid). But no - 99% of them would never agree to quarantine for two weeks without a fat bonus.
Nowadays often they have to fly economy or premium economy - few companies in Europe now pay business class tickets. But shit food locked into a room for 15 days is certainly not part of the deal. Hotel quarantine ala Thailand where you can use swimming pools, restaurants and fitness center just cannot leave the hotel premises would be something else. I guess most would agree to that easily… But Taiwan quarantine is like prison - cannot send someone to prisonlike without a very fat bonus…

If you read carefully - I wrote base salary in Europe 4000€ . Not 10-20k per month or more. So someone who is actually earning better than around 80% of all people in Europe, but worse than the top 10%. Maybe even approaching to be included in the top 10%. They actually make the majority of people being flown around for business. I’m not talking about some top executives with engineering background. Usually 25-45 years old, no family and this way earning a really good salary (because low expenses and lots of travel bonus).

Just your average workers… with a masters in engineering and a couple years specialized training on your product. Haha! I don’t know the truthiness of your statements regarding Europe, but in the u.s., the figures you quote would be grossly underpaid. Also on the factory side, for machine install, you seem to be to talking about relatively lower level setup not done by engineers, but by skilled tool guys. And those guys, in the u.s., would also make more than that, even before taking into account travel and ot.

You don’t need 99% of people to - you need to pay enough to get enough people, enough people probably being way less than 99%, unless you’re some mom and pop shop, in which case you’re probably not really holding up the opening of a factory (at least not without getting replaced, or you’re in some seriously specialized niche (in which case you can then, again, throw money at the problem)).

Again, people literally compete for jobs in war zones and Antarctica for year long gigs when the money is right. Not sure why you think 2 weeks is such a showstopper when real money is on the line. And no, your $20k figures don’t begin to figure into realoney talk.

What are the percentiles when restricted to engineering, and then as a further subset, engineering consultants? Here, that’s jack shit for anything much beyond brand new hires (and even for brand new hires depending on industry).

I’m not vaguely imagining you’re talking about anything resembling a too executive with the numbers you’re talking about.

We always stayed at the ShangriLa Far Eastern.
I like the Sheraton for convenience to Taipei main station. I liked finding my way to client sites so they didn’t know my every move.

You cannot compare salaries in silicon valley or US with Europe. Central Europe has higher salaries than Taiwan, but in southern or eastern Europe salaries are similar or lower than Taiwan…

German salaries are better than in most other European countries (but worse than Switzerland, Norway and Netherlands and Luxembourg though Luxembourg doesn’t have much engineers at all) and with 3500 euro net per month you join the top 10 percent.

With about 25?? Percent of employees having a secondary degree, that means more than half of all university absolvents earn less!

Actually with 4000 euro net income you already belong to the top 4 percent of singles.

With 6000 euro net per month per household (12 times, including bonuses) you belong to the top 1 percent.

People in Europe outside of Switzerland can only dream of 10.000 euro net salary or more per month. You need to get into executive management to get there…

So if you have no clue about European salaries don’t judge. And don’t believe questionnaires about salaries. Many people lie and tell a much higher salary to feel important. Those numbers are from tax authorities, so they don’t include black money, but that is not common for an engineer or manager to receive (it’s common for low paid jobs or construction sites) so will not make a change for the top 10 percent…
I take Germany as example as they are well known for engineering and machinery…

In many European countries you can get engineers with university degree and some experience for 2000-2500euro net per month. In Germany that would be freshmen salary in MINT subjects…
However that tool guy with no education but good experience will ask for more! It’s like Taiwan, too many graduates Vs jobs…

I’m not actually comparing salaries (you’re the one that brought up salaries), other than to snicker at your thoughts that those small numbers we’re talking about are a large consideration when talking about delaying the opening of a factory. ;D I really think we’re just thinking vastly different scales when talking ‘factories.’

Yes, but did people actually care though?

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Yes I think to a certain extent that Taiwan has had success in terms of global PR the last few years。

I don’t have any metrics to support that though

well - as I predicted vaccines arrive pretty quickly now - it’s clear why, Europe and North America are more or less not using many vaccines anymore - I guess in 2 months from today - Astra Zeneca will be available without anyone wanting it, while for mRNA vaccines this may take until mid December in Taiwan when supplies will exceed demand and the point is reached when it will be hard to motivate more Taiwanese to get vaccinated.

End of October - 70% one shot, 30% fully vaccinated.
So if it continues at that pace - it would be like 80% one shot - 60% fully vaccinated by beginning of December.

Will quarantine then be shortened or end for vaccinated? I’m pretty sure by then there is ample supply of vaccines for everyone who want it. So let’s see if the 80% can be reached without big incentives or a schedule to reopen travel this year. Alternatively at the current pace beginning December could be 70% one shot, 70% fully vaccinated.

All through the process Taiwan had about 4 months delay vs USA and central Europe - seems that 4 months delay is not changing.


Taiwan is shot of vaccines. When we get to 70-80% double vaxxed, then will open

Yes for 2-3 more months max. Then supply will be bigger than demand. For Astra zeneca this will happen first.
Just Look at the supplies still scheduled for 2021. And see the reluctance for booster shots in Europe/America. Soon any country that can pay for vaccines will have ample supply, only those depending on covax will need some more time.

And if Taiwanese will be reluctant to get the shot, it will be even earlier. The first 50 percent were reached pretty easy everywhere in the world. Up from there let’s see if there really are 90 percent of above 12 years willing to be vaccinated (that would be needed to teach 80 percent with children below 12 making up the rest).

Dare to dream. I don’t agree.
Authorities will get scared about the next greek letter variant.


People who are vaccinated are still getting sick. Even if Taiwan was 100% vaccinated, I think the authorities here will maintain the restrictions until people finally get sick of it.