When will Taiwan start accepting visa applications again?

Originally I thought they’d start processing again after Level 3 ended, but they’ve extended it a month already since then, 2 weeks at a time. Feels a bit painful to have the gold card ready to go but no way to bring the family.

I know that probably there’s no official information, but even rumors would be helpful :man_shrugging:

Likely after Taiwan has vaccinated 60% of the population the border restrictions may be relaxed.


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Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know how to apply for a “humanitarian exception”? I can’t seem to find info on that online.

Is "joining family"not a sufficient reason, since you already have yourself the GC?

I’m not sure, but when I asked the local TECO they didn’t think it was. That said, I’m under the impression that the humanitarian exception needs to be issued by the CECC rather than TECO, but I’m not sure how to get in contact with the CECC—I don’t see any instructions on their website on applying for an exemption.

Relatives can apply for visas now.


what’s the scope of “some” residency holders?

After Covid ended many of the restaurants that I go to regularly no longer have in house dining they only do takeout because they’ve been so successful at takeout

Taiwan seems to be sort of like that we don’t need visitors anymore we just deal with just citizens and residents only

Taiwan has a big sign. STAY OUT.

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Some clarification:

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