When will we hear about the policies?


I’m from Australia, and in most cases campaigning is about what the parties will do for the people, i.e. “…vote for me and I’ll fix…”

However both the DDP and KMT are finger pointing.

I’d be interested to hear what both are going to do about;

  • national health care
  • defense
  • unemployement
  • housing

The kind of stuff that matters to the people.

I cannot read chinese, so if there’s been such talk in the chinese papers I’m interested to know.


finger pointing will continue ad nauseum. there will be no discussion of the issues. someone might bring them up from time to time, but only as a precurser to more mud-slinging. the chinese news sources are no better.

you probably think i’m joking …

policies in taiwan? no chance. But then, Aust is not much better - technically they have policies, but the Libs and Lab are so similar that it comes down to mud-slinging in the end. Conga-line of suckholes and all that.

Chen Shuibian said that Independence/Unification is the only issue, there is no left/right in Taiwan politics. He admits he has no policies on education, health, welfare. Apart from renaming them to waste money.

he’s not renaming them to waste money. he’s naming them to brand taiwan as taiwan (sorry, to piss in china’s pocket).