When you get sued by your company (for breach of contract)

When you get sued by your company for breach of contract, and they win, can they request you pay the full amount and can it be enforced, or will the judge work with you to make some kind of payment plan to pay slowly at a reasonable speed?

Did you sue yourself?
or is this an ex employer/employee?

if its a current employer/ employee maybe they can work something out to smooth things over.

Ex employer may want to sue me

I have been the plaintiff. I agreed to let the defendant pay by month. There usually is a mechanism for paying by month.

Dont forget to lawyer up.

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How much do they want ? And to cover what losses ?

See Civil Code Art. 250 to 252.

A final court judgement or a (proper) settlement can be enforced through compulsory execution.

Well that seems like a tough punishment :rofl:



(For anyone who’s confused, compulsory execution means if you don’t pay, the court will seize your assets.)

I saw that guy contact so many times, I want to call just to say hey

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What are their fees like? I understand if you cannot say exactly, just asking ball-park.

I dont know as a defendent. As a plaintiff, I spent about $11000 on a scary letter. Court can be expensive, so settling is often the best option.

That is what I usually do.

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If you go to court, you will have potentially 2 years to attack the merits of their claim, while the judge would, towards the end of proceedings, listen to reasons why any award against you should be reduced.

If the employer is invoking a clause in the contract which imposes a financial penalty, you can argue against this being awarded on the basis that it’s disproportionate; if the employer asks for an amount exceeding any stated value, there is an article that prevents that.