When's the un gonna go back to iraq?

great quote for all those people who think that the us is unilaterally keeping un peacekeepers out of iraq:


A spokesman for the Iraqi governing council, Hamid al-kifaaeh, says it is now time for the UN to return.

“Unfortunately the UN decided to go a long time ago, they have run away and this is not acceptable…we want the UN to come back…it is needed in Iraq,” he said.

“This is an international problem and the UN must take responsibility and must fight terrorism with us.”

Why oh why does anyone want the UN back anyway. What exactly is it going to do?

Finally, most amusant. The French are considering sending troops to Iraq. If this is not a sign of how well things are going, I do not know what is. This means in the clearest possible language that the oh so cowardly French believe that the threat is finally over, otherwise there is no way, they would be talking about returning. Along with the commitment to pre-emptive action, I guess this is game, set and match. Victory USA and the civilized world.