When's xbox 360 coming to Taiwan?

Alright - Paris Hilton has an xbox 360 but when can the rest us us expect to get our hands on one?

Anyone know if there is an official release date for Taiwan or will we be forced to pay through our asses on ebay.

btw you might be interested to know that the modders are already in full swing.

softlife.blogspot.com/ :notworthy:

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only 900 US - bargain! :noway:

from what i know the xbox360 will be available in tw by next year (feb. probably). it will be a ntsc-j (japanese version, same as for current xbox). us versions or imported jap. versions might be available earlier but it is uncertain. due to ms marketing strategy, it’s extremely difficult to get xbox360 systems in bulk orders atm…

just found this on the web.

looks like a possible japanese release on Dec 10. Play-asia.com are charging 560 US which seems pretty standard right now.


if this shop is not located in tw, you’ll have to pay custom $$$
also, this price is a bit higher than most places…

[quote=“5566”]if this shop is not located in tw, you’ll have to pay custom $$$
also, this price is a bit higher than most places…[/quote]

Just wait a few months to save up for an HDTV and get a friend to buy it from NA. Who would want a J spec 360 unless you plan to stay here for a very long time.

I get one when they’re under 250US.

Maybe for the basic core system $299 now) in 6 months when PS3 comes out but the Premium system will not be $250 US for around a year, since it’s $399 now. Plus extra wireless controller $45 US plus a few games and your system is over $400. Best bet is to wait until PS3 comes out and scoop it up then. The Xbox 360 really shines on with the newer DLP, LCD, Plasma TV’s too for the best graphics since it supports 720p.

All I’m saying is I still got SNES, NES, PS1, PS2, and Xbox games to beat. I’m definitely in no hurry. And they should still be making games for the PS2 and Xbox for a while after these new ones come out.

Yeah I know what you mean. I have San Andreas, Forza and Ninja Gaiden Black to finish. This will take some time.


yeah i’m swimming in teh games (HL2, animal crossing and harvest moon) too so i can probably afford to wait for the ps3 release.

but as always something inside me scream “i want it now!”…but i will wait

official release date for Taiwan - March 2nd

you can already purchase a xbox360 in shimenting… i guess it’s a japanese release cos they deliver after dec. 10th.

Yeah, don’t hold your breath. I fully expect Microsoft to fuck over Asia in terms of bullshit fake shortages just like they’ve done in the States.

I read that they don’t expect to ship to Taiwan before March…think it was in the Taipei Times yesterday.

those shortages are simply bullshit. it’s marketing. it’s just another way to create more hype, it’s pretty obvious, especially when you hear ms officials saying they expect to sell 3 millions consoles in the first 3 months…

by the time the 360 officially hits the shelves in tw, there wont be any shortage anymore. the demand will be very low anyways both here and in japan.

3rd floor of the u2 mtv building at the back of the shimenting district, you can get a 360 there now.

Yeah, I know; I went through that trying to get an Ipod Nano for the wife’s birthday. Finally just had her pick up one in the States.

for hardcore xbox gamers, the 360 is in taiwan. you can get one for ~ 14000nt in the hsimenting district or nova. pretty good deal considering it’s the japanese version with lots of extras…

saw one bought in underground mall behind train station other day as well

MS wants to sell as many of those units as possible as fast as possible. Hype is useless without a product to sell, especially during the all important Christmas season. I do agree that come March 360’s will be much easier to obtain, and they’re already reallocating Japan’s allotment due to even lower than expected demand.