Where are all the fine men at?

The problem I see with this quest for perfection is that it can prevent people from getting to know persons who in the end might turn out to be the perfect partner even though at first sight, they seem lacking in one way or the other. I’m not advocating “lowering” standards but instead being more open towards the other gender (or the same if that’s what you prefer). I do believe that there are perfect matches (one and more) for everybody - I’ve certainly found mine (btw, we used to have a [url=Is there "The One" for each of us? on that topic). But I have little sympathy for people who whine all the time that they’ll never find a partner because their insistence on their high standards keeps them from getting to know potential partners since nobody they meet ever seems to be perfect enough at first glance :s And imho, going for a perfect body isn’t a good basis for a life-long relationship :s