Where are the "foreigner districts"?

Is there a district in Taiwan where foreigners (including those who initially can’t speak a single Mandarin) flock together? Basically a “foreigner district”. It doesn’t need to be Taipei. Any city in Taiwan is fine.

Not enough foreigners around to make this a reality. Historically used to be Tamsui, but not so much any longer.


Tianmu used to be one too.

But no. There are no foreigner enclaves like Chinatown or Little Italy in Taiwan today.

Foreigners are fairly spread out




That would include those who “STILL can’t speak a single word of Mandarin”


This Immigration document may help you find them.


Oh I just googled and you mean the bar? It does look like what I am looking for! Yes please, it doesn’t need to be a giant district like Chinatown in New York, it can be just a small area or even a bar like Carnegie.

The imported goods aisle in Carrefour.


Not really any huge concentrated foreigner districts.

Tienmu is known as most foreign area for foreigner families living and where you see foreigners and hear foreigners speak English and other foreign language spoken and places even walking on the street or they will welcome you in English when you walk into a shop.

University district for foreigner students doing their thing. Ximen foreigner backpackers hanging out. Anhe Heping for middle-aged bars. 101 area of course lots of foreigners families living but not really a district that matters or is visible.

Lots of foreigner spots here and there where people gather but not really districts as just one shop.

None of this is set in stone as Taipei is kind of been a place you take transport from place to place instead of a district where just walk from spot to spot. Unless you’re Japanese and hang out in the Japanese district.

And areas in New Taipei with small concentrations of Southeast Asian foreigners.


ASEAN mall in Taichung and its neighborhood.


Heti Road in Kaohsiung. That area used to have the nickname of “Little Canada”. Not sure whether that’s still the case


The back of the train station in Taoyuan,and the front in Zhongli and Taichung. SE Asians. That’s as much as you will find in terms of a district but they are somewhat hampered by the shitty immigration laws here.


Great area to find SEA cooking ingredients!


Most restaurants / shops owned by foreigners will have English-speaking staff and lots of foreigners will also go there to eat/buy things. But the foreign owner rarely shows their face, you just have quality, no worries English service.

Also, a few places near AIT in Neihu have the right price point for people who work there but also fully fluent English staff.

Japanese people in cafes and such near consulate in Kaoshuing, about 24,000 Japanese nationals in Taiwan so not many (Los Angeles has much more as the biggest city with Japanese Nationals), this is numbers from Japan gov. There are quite few married or otherwise not listed. Not large but enough that some places are gathering spots. (Guess which country has biggest Japanese diaspora ,it’s quite far from Japan)

link from Japan gov of overseas residents 海外在留邦人数調査統計|外務省


OMG don’t you just hate the way that the Japanese government still insists on using ancient excel files for data. what the hell is wrong with a web table?

or even collecting data via a web form… I often submit education reports on university statistics to the Japanese Ministry of Education, for which i have to print paper using their official excel format. FFS!

To be fair, there is progress. One survey was permitted in electronic form last year, for the first time ever. I had to burn pdf to a DVD and mail that in.


when the Spanish and Dutch were here, in the 1600s. there’s still the remnants of their old clubhouse up that way.


Taiwan version, also has Excel option

And in more recent history such as over a hundred and sixty years ago to maybe the 1950s or 1960s when Tamshui and Keelung were the trading ports and had foreign consulates and Mackay setup his hospitals and university. Keelung and Penghu were occupied by the French for a period also in more recent history.

Downloading in Excel is useful if you want to do some data manipulation isn’t it. But it makes it hard to view it in a browser!

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