Where are the Guabao (割包;/guàbāo) pork belly bun in Taiwan

Here’s one at Sun Moon Lake east side.
Not great but good enough :rofl:

Ita Thao Shopping District
Yiyong Street, Yuchi

And old reliable in Taipei near university Gongguan 公館商圈.
Lan Jia Traditional Taiwanese Snack
No. 3號, Alley 8, Lane 316, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei


They are the best. I also like their corn soup with pork bones.

In my belly, so no picture of it!

one of the best places for them is/was at the Tunghua night market in Taipei. Not been there in about half a decade or longer, so don’t know if still around

A better question is… where can’t it be found?
Get the lean version without the peanut flour.

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Keep the peanut powder, hold the Satan’s Asshair.

I used to live right next to the Tunghua night market, and yeah, those ones were the :banana: sauce. Unfortunately, I also haven’t been there in easily 10 years, I have no idea if they’re still there

I hear you

What’s Satan’s ass hair?

The pickled cabbage? That’s gotta stay.

I haven’t seen any Guabao (割包;/guàbāo) at Tunghua right now. Anyone know?

There is a shop up the street near this 屈臣氏Watsons, No. 37, Tonghua Street


Funny fact, there’s supposedly a genetic reason folks love or hate coriander . I like it.
The only regular stand I know is Gongguan’s . Still very good even though thronged with tourists.
There’s a whole ‘gua bao restaurant’ , go towards the end of Tonghua night market main strip, then take a right for 50ms or so.
Can’t find it on map, lots of gua bao shops marked on Google though
Shi Jia Gua Bao is on main strip Tonghua, linjiang road, clear as day on Google…


I didn’t even know there were people that didn’t like corriander or that there may be a genetic reason for it. As a foodie and decent chef, it’s one of my favorites.

When they were genetically enhancing you, they done :banana: up leaving that crappy gene in you.

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Who says this place is a cliche eh.

Yeah, pretty sure the crappy gene is liking that garbage, and taking it out was part of the “enhancement”

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Yeah, there’s no way people are supposed to eat that stuff.

coriander + taiwanese peanut powder stuff™ is a greaaaat combination. also seen on other night market snacks such as pigs blood cake.


I only like it in the ice cream rolls, for some reason

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Coriander is one thing but Cilantro is the bomb on those things !

Same thing, no?