Where are the hobby shops?

I am looking for hobby shops in Taipei, are there any?

I collect foreign currency and I have quite a bit of it. I would like to put the money in an album so that humidity and dust cannot ruin it. And so it stays flat. Do they sell anything like this in Taiwan. I have seen some at RT-Mart and the like but it looks cheap and I do not want something that will be permanent. So I am asking for professional hobby shops that maybe have something like this…

Thanks in advance.

a bunch of these shops are on chongqing s rd and guling st just south of nanhai rd, and on bo ai rd south of chunghsiao west road too. both these spots are near major post offices for the stamp collectors.

Thanks daltongang! Appreciate the information!

You can also look on eBay Taiwan for coins/banknotes listings.

listings.tw.ebay.com/pool1/plist … ml?from=R4


Thanks Fay! I went there and so far all I see is banknotes and coins, but no albums, I will keep looking on ebay as they do have some other interesting items, thanks for the info.

Hobby shops of a different kind, but does anybody know where I can find more places selling model soldiers (the tiny plastic ones you can paint). I know about the cluster of hobby shops in that strange “hidden” department store in Hsimen, but has anybody spotted some others?

Silex bookstores in Taipei have an excellent slection of RPG books. A friend of mine went for a visit and brought back some stuff for me and he said that they have a large selection of gaming books.

Silex? anyone know where that is?

There’s one on Zhongxiao just west of Jianguo overpass, it’s called “Wings of China”


There’s one on the north side of Xinyi Rd. between Xinsheng and the next road to the west (Jinshan???). Its tiny and often closed. But the owner is a young kid who apparently likes this hobby (models) and is quite friendly.

At the risk of annoying people who’ve already seen this from other threads… I have a page regarding gaming (RPG’s, strategy, miniatures, etc. – the paper and pencil kind) in Taiwan at http://www.jiawen.net/gamingintaiwan.html#places.

Silex is on Jinhua Street, about halfway between DV8 and Daan Park. They also have a website: http://www.silexbooks.com.tw.

Sorry, forgot the links (although you could always cut and paste):



Wow, that web page rocks! Does 500 pro-painted minis, Dwarven Forge goodies stocked to the ceiling, terrain, buildings and a castle all in a room set aside just for gaming let me in your Taiwan gamers email group? I am most certainly not a “spambot”!

Here in Kaohsiung we have a core group of players that have been rolling the d20 together for about 12-13 years now.

Looking forward to your reply.


DB (and anyone else who’s interested): If you want to join the Taiwan Gamers group, please go to the group’s homepage http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taiwangamers and sign up! Then, I’ll send you a form letter asking if you’re really interested and agree to follow the rules of the group. RSVP to it and I’ll add you to the list.

I should note, though, the group is so far pretty Taibei-centric. We have one person in Taizhong, one in Taoyuan and no one from Gaoxiong. Not to say we couldn’t, though!

Everyone else: Sorry for the deviation from the original topic of the thread…

I collect diecast automobiles but I only know of one shop which is right in the Shilin night market. Any other ones around? Thanks :smiley:

one is having a big sale now. on minquan, south side, just west of fushing. they have a lot of high-priced stuffed animals on the first floor. cars are upstairs.

What about a store that sells Dremel Multi-tools and Airbrushes etc?

A good place to check is the Wan Nian department store in Ximen Ding. I wish I could tell you the cross street, but I don’t remember the street names. The easiest bet would be to go to the Ximen MRT stop and ask someone at the info booth. They should be able to give you directions in English (if necessary).

I know for a fact there are at least 2 stores there that specialize in diecasst cars, some of which are very nice quality.

The shop on Minquan is quite nice. I found a 1:18 Citroen DS there on sale for a price that you could only dream of in Europe.

Rascal took me to a place in Hsimen once. Might be the same Gubo pointed out. It was sort of a run-down mall, lots of tiny, cramped hobby shops on the top floor. I tried to look for it last sunday but couldn’t remember where it was. I found two second-hand 1:43 DS there that the perfect cat loves to push around on the living room floor.

Those were the only two places I’ve ever found DS in Taiwan.


Anyone know whether any of these joints mentioned above sell models?

Yes, they do.