Where are the Human Shields for Iraqi Voters?

[url=http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/columnists/jgurwitz/stories/MYSA012605.07B.gurwitz.43604fe8.html]Well, a bombing campaign is now under way in an urban environment against a civilian population. There’s no guesswork involved. We know where the next atrocity is going to occur. If you and your movement were inclined to do so, you could go to Iraq en masse and try to stop the bombings of polling sites, political offices and the nascent institutions of a free, democratic Iraq.

It could be that the shields perceived less danger from American bombs two years ago than they do from insurgent bombs today. That is to say, they were willing to make an anti-American political statement when there was relatively less personal risk, but are unwilling to make a pro-Iraqi humanitarian statement when the risk is greater.[/url]

I too have wondered about this.

Hmmm? What’s going on?

Another shinning example of the hypocrisy of the looney leftoids.

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It has been going on for nearly two years. Mainly carried out by the US and UK from homocide bombers in the sky.

Maybe Forumosa can have a fund raiser for the goons who support and supported the bombing of Iraq to ouster yesterdays man - Saddam, in the lie, I mean the fight for freedom and democracy.

Afterall democracy is the second coming and ends all despair, pain and makes us all happy and it will make Iraq look like a 1950s US utopia.

The fund raiser can be for the fixed, I mean above board elections and the supporters (goons) can be shields for something that will make no difference to anything in Iraq, I mean, make Iraq a paradise…

I’m excited at the thought of it. The shields could even start their own blog. Make sure you have a link to Forumosa.

My complete and utter contempt for would-be peace protesters and human shields knows NO bounds. Contempt.

I don’t think the peace protesters are dense enough to believe that that tactic would have any effect at all against the insurgents. Quite the spurious post here.

You want “spurious”?

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I know how the righties get their kicks. They sit around the country club smoking cigars and sipping martinis and making up ridiculous senarios about the left.
“Why don’t those lefties go to Iraq now? Ha ha.”
“Ho ho. Good one Josephus. Why aren’t they their now?”
“They’re too busy waxing my car!”
"Ho ho ho ho’

Why Richard:

What a lovely caricature of the Right. hohoho. Must have gone down really well in your worker’s cafeteria where you opted for the beansprout doufu pita wrap of the day. Hope you didn’t drop any in your Birkenstock sandals hho ho hooohoohohaaa.

But seriously, why AREN’T those human shields going to Iraq to protect voting booths? Hmmm? I will tell you why because they don’t give a shit about the people, nor democracy nor voting. What they cared about was grandstanding to save dictators like Saddam while flicking the US in the nose knowing full well that no Western govt would ever be a danger to them.

I think we should get all the lefties that were willing to defend Saddam and SEND them there now as penance for their mindless leftist inconsistencies.

Now get back to work polishing my car, get the waiter to bring me another martini and get orff my land!!!

Say, some people frequently organizes peace marches in protest to the US military actions in Iraq. I wonder if those people will be organizing a peace protest to draw attention to the kinds of violence being targeted at innocent women and children and civilians who merely want to exercise their democratic right?

Say, some people often complain and lament about the plight of civilians who get caught in the path of the US military actions. I wonder if those people will be weeping about how cruel the insurgents are and how they are stirring up hate?

Can I once again reiterate my unlimited contempt for the values espoused by these peace protesters and marchers against oppression. When they see the real thing staring them in the face where is their “French courage” now? Oh yes, the bombs and bullets are real this time, where are they? Hmmm? Plenty of courage when courage is not needed. Plenty of bravery when there is no question of their personal safety. Plenty of valor when it comes to facing US police and 24-hour detentions where they can trumpet their victory in the face of oppression and all that other grandstanding but when true democracy needs them, when true oppression and violence raise their ugly heads where are they? Busy quietly penning new manifestos about US oppression of Third World workers in Nike factories? Hah! What scurrilously pathetic life forms. If I were the commandant at a gas chamber I would willingly turn on the gas… whoops there I go again reverting to my German ancestry…

Protests are aimed at public opinion that can affect government policy. The insurgents are not affected at all by public opinion. The insurgents don’t care. Being a human shield would not be effective at all and would be the height of suicidal foolishness. How could anyone in their right mind expect them to act in this manner?

Nice try Richardm:

BUT the fact remains that these people were willing to go to Iraq to essentially defend Saddam who was a tyrant all the while protesting America? Does that make sense to you? And also there is the underlying inherent racism of such acts. We will go to Iraq to protect you from bombs because our lives are more valuable than Iraqi ones and therefore the US govt will be less likely to bomb us than Iraqi civilians as if the US govt would ever intentionally seek to maximize civilian deaths and would not take great precautions to prevent them.

I think that once again the true nature of the protesters as spoiled little brats petulantly stomping around in their nihilistic materialistic angst trying to give their lives some sort of pathetic meaning, some sort of sense of bravery whilst fully understanding that they have none, the desperate need to belong to something because their own lives are empty of true value just come to the fore. That is why we have dead silence now from the usual “concerned parties.” It merely serves to underline their self-serving “me-first” kind of desperate need to gain approval and self-affirmation. Desperate. Pathetic. Beyond Contempt. Empty of Values. Empty of True Integrity. Yup. Yup. Yup.

Where are these defenders of human rights now? No where because they don’t truly believe in human rights. The nihilism that saturates their patethic worm ridden lives precludes working toward anything, building anything, developing anything. All they want to do is destroy, criticize, live off other’s hard work, and audaciously demand that we respect them for their “higher values” and “higher moral plane.” Incredible.

surely then at least some kind of outrage must be felt? how are the protestors making this known? surely world opinion could be influenced?

There’s protests all around. Why would anyone expect these people to go kill themselves for nothing?


I assume from your post that you are unwilling or unable to differentiate between the kinds of bombs America uses and those that the insurgents use. Am I correct in my perception?

What possible good would it do to protest against the insurgents?

[quote=“Richardm”]There’s protests all around. Why would anyone expect these people to go kill themselves for nothing?

Judging from my picture, you seem to have missed my point. Where is the outrage against the BOMBING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO WANT TO VOTE in Iraq. Surely world opinion could be influenced?

Maybe protesting the insurgents would show the Iraqi people that we celebrate their courage and wish them the best in their elections and that we support their transition to democracy. It might be actually a nice gesture if the French and German governments and the UN would make a public statement to that fact but then given the level of German and French complicity in arming Saddam and loaning money to him and other sick dictators, do we really expect that to happen? Another major customer out of business and we expect German and French thanks for that? Quel idee! Increible!