Where are the Live Bands in Taipei?

Any recommendations?

The Shannon Irish Pub. IMHO different band on Fridays and Saturdays.
Heard they also have a Jazz session on Sunday afternoons but never been there.

This has been posted elsewhere, but I can’t use the damned search function to any effect, so here’s the lowdown:

EZ5 on An He Road, just a bit past Carnegie’s and on the opposite side of the road. Go and hear Huang Jung Yuan sing. You’ll not regret it. www.ez5.com.tw

Zee Live on Dun Hua South Road, north of Chung Hsiao East Road. It’s in the first alley off of Dun Hua. Huang Jung Yuan also sings there. www.zeelive.com.tw

I’ve been to the Shannon. The live bands there ain’t too bad, if you can put up with all of the leering, over-the- hill foreigners. Rascal not included (he’s a very young looking fellow :slight_smile: .


Are the bands at the Shannon all original bands?
I went to this place called Music Lab…it’s in Zhonghua road, right next to the Youth Park, number 42 I think. Tried to check on the website now, but it doesn’t work.
Unfortunately they mostly have cover bands, but when the band stops at about 12 they sometimes have these nice little jam sessions. I like the atmosphere there, and it’s a bit of a change from Riverside and Zeitgeist where I usually go to check out live bands.
Tried my first betel nut there last night.

Nope, all cover bands playing the usual 70’s and 80’s fair. The better band plays on Fridays.
Forgot to mention Brown Sugar, also has a live cover band on weekends. Pretty good me thinks.

Does anyone know of some ‘waiguoren’ bands in Taipei looking for a place to play? A friend of a friend runs a place on Tien-jin Street called Mirage Bar which often has local live acts, but he’s very keen to talk to any foreigners interested in playing there.

Although I don’t exactly know what style of music he’s after, I’m guessing anything from Alternative to Hard Rock. They have a DJ booth there, but he’s just after guitar bands right now, so no oonst-oonst.

The person to contact is Tony - leedizopq1@yahoo.com.tw or PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

There’s a Vicious Circle showcase on August 29th at a club up by Ren Ai Lu. Not really sure of the exact address, but tix are 350 NT and you can buy them at Vicious Circle in Hsimen Ting. The guys who work there are in a local punk band called Spunka. Nice guys and they’ll give you all the details. There’s like 10 bands playing that night, mostly indie/punk style. I’ll be heading down with my band mates - we’re in a band called the Deported (yeah, we’ve all had visa problems, save our Taiwanese drummer). Should be a fun show, though probably more 14 year old Spunka groupies than you can shake a stick at. Also check out the band Fall of This Corner. They’re my favorite band in Taiwan - kinda hardcore/emo style.

PS I tried that e-mail address. Doesn’t seem to work.

and 14 year old Spunka groupies is a bad thing? great name BTW

[quote=“AndyO”]There’s a Vicious Circle showcase on August 29th at a club up by Ren’ai Lu.

…check out the band Fall of This Corner. They’re my favorite band in Taiwan - kinda hardcore/emo style[/quote]

Cool, I’ll be there… I’d almost given up on finding anything hardcore (let alone Vegan Straight Edge) in Taipei. I checked out their website and downloaded an MP3 which wasn’t too bad. I’m keen to see what the scene is like here… it sounds young, but then again, it’s pretty young back home in New Zealand too…well young compared to me anyway.

Hmm… not sure why that guys email address didn’t work. Perhaps try his phone instead - 0946168027 / 0925672177

Anyway, might see some of you at that show…

I’ll be there!
I love Spunka, and I’m definitely not 14. Alas!
Could any of you guys check if the addresses I have are correct?

There will be two very talented one-man-shows playing at Citizen Cain this Saturday, August 23 - starting about 9pm (Taiwan time).

“Scottish” James Brodie will headline our free event, and if you haven’t seen this guy play, you should. High energy, talent, and comedy make up his unigue acoustic repertoire. As a prelude and/or interlude, one of our original jammers is back for one last performance before he heads back to Canada. “John” will offer an act that encompasses a bizarre yet brilliant sense of humour and plenty o musical talent.

Both of these dynamic personalities will be leaving this fine country soon, so this will most likely be the only chance you’ll have to see them. There’s no cover (never is), and I’m so confident this show will impress. that I’m offering anyone who claims to be disappointed a free drink of their choice.


This Saturday (tomorrow). It’s listed in the Taipei Times. Fall of This Corner will be playing. Maybe Semi Con too - they’re from around Taichung. Really cool guys. If Oi plays and Anarchy Allen takes off his clothes one more time, someone please throw something.