Where are the masks? & (in)effectiveness of wearing masks

The issue in the West though is while the pandemic hasn’t left, nobody seems to care anymore. “My body, my right” as an excuse to not wear a mask. Many believe it’s a hoax. Others think it’s overblown as a risk. Society is demanding to reopen virus be damned. The feeling is to get the virus and get it over with and that it is inevitable. And to be honest, most of us are “virused out” and tired of all this.

In the beginning 75% of people were wearing a mask in the grocery store, now it’s down to about 20% to my eye.

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Difference is that if tomorrow at 10 am a case was detected in Taiwan, but 10:01 am mask wearing would be up to 99%. We can afford the luxury of not wearing masks / wear a mask and ignore social distancing because we have no community transmission to speak of. In the West, the virus has not relented yet people as you say think it is a hoax. They only believe as far as they can see and until it hits them, it won’t sink in.

In the meantime, invest in mask companies.


Thats true. Im expecting a massive second wave (actually its the first wave, it hasn’t ended) But hey, this is an ‘old persons disease’ so young people aren’t fussed. Never mind that it apparently causes permanent lung, heart, and vascular damage.

Again, you guys,are not going to like it, but let me saucy what I think: we are lucky we have been spared the blame shifting and political maneuvering for personal profit in many parts of the West. Buying needed materials to resell, endangering public health for economic benefits for a few, using emergency authority to pass profitable legislation…a lot of things can go bad in the midst of COVID19…And a lot more are the result of mismanagement, misinformation and downright malice. Overall, we here have been spared a lot. Call it fear, community sense, self preservation, whatever, but most people here have been responsible and conscious of the seriousness of the threat COVID19 represents. My neighbors as well as me disinfect the stairwell, for Pete’s sake. Mask wearing is the most poignant symptom of this.

A 50-mask box will cost NT$249 (US$8.22) for those with FamilyMart membership and NT$299 for everyone else, with no limits placed on how many boxes a customer can buy, the company said.

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Starting on June 1st , lift the ban of exports masks , no restrictions for quantity , type of mask , no special requirement for export certification .

The Post Office , suggest to ship important parcels to USA and UK by other couriers like DHL or Fedex
Due to the serious shortage of human resources in the regional exchange post office, the mail backlog is very serious, and a large number of mail bags have not yet been processed


On April 8th , the post office had a list of countries that EMS doesn’t have mail service , not sure if the suspension still going ?

Yep, most Latin America won´t open until mid June… maybe. Airline traffic is lower, so getting stuff sent there is not possible right now, even by courier services.

Does that refer to Taiwan with the backlog, or some other post office? (The Google-translated article seems to suggest it’s some facility in LA.)

Just curious, as I’m still waiting for something sent from Sweden about 6 weeks ago via regular mail… :neutral_face:

Yeah , the USA and UK post offices are on a considerable backlog of mail
So Taiwan post office suggest to send parcels by DHL , Fedex , but these companies also have delays and more expensive service

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I’ve sent 6 packages over the past 3 weeks via Taiwan Post and USPS with no delay at all. They all arrived to their various destinations within the USA within 6 days.

Found these at Carrefour today. Just normal scooter masks …nothing protective about them at all, but the design (Taiwan flag) was a nice touch. Grabbed a few for family back in the States just for kicks.


Wow, those have been sold out since the beginning of the epidemic, when the Taiwanese still travelled and wanted to make themselves stand out from the Chinese.

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The masks can be purchased at Watsons, Cosmed, and medFirst.
They can also be purchased online at Momo, PChome, Books.com.tw, Yahoo, and Tien Chiao Shih

A box of 50mask for the price of NT$300


At Poya today.

The one on the right. Not the valved one.

Went to 4 different Family Mart stores around Sanxia today. All were sold out if the surgical mask box of 50.

They said they sold out almost as soon as the shipment arrived. One clerk I chatted with thinks it was one person going shop to shop buying the entire inventory.


Took 20 minutes in slow places. Unfortunately, the limit per person is not set in every place.

You can also buy online now PC Home. Reserve online at 711.

Online mask ordering finishes at 8pm tomorrow if you want to apply for your government ration get it done in the next 24 hours!

That’s just for the current cycle, right? I thought the government ration was supposed to continue alongside the recent relaxation of restrictions?

Yep, for this cycle, the 9th or whatever it is

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Woman in front of me at Family Mart this morning bought 10 boxes of 50 masks each. $299 a box.

I asked if I could buy one box. Clerk said all sold out. She got the last of them.

500 masks!

Went online and saw some individuals selling the exact same box for $600.

No doubt this is why it’s so hard to buy any online right now. People trying to make a profit.