Where are the Slurpees?

Don’t know about you, but these seem to have gone missing in Taiwan. Can anyone still find them? Maybe just a local thing for me…

I’ve been looking for slurpees and big gulps for years…

They’re gone. Why did they ever think a cheap, tasty icy-cold drink would do well in the Taiwan summers?


no loss, they were terrible.

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For the Taiwanese they would need a button for 去冰 (remove ice)…oh wait… :upside_down_face:

get a good papaya or avacado milk icy… much better anyways

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They used to have them in the 7-11 back off of the main food street in Gongguan. Granted, I believe they had ‘Coke’ and ‘red’ flavors and the machine was down a lot but they did have it.

They only had them for a couple summers
I’m sure they finally decided it didn’t warrant the expenditure to keep the machines going (they’re actually a real PITA to maintain) when locals wouldn’t touch them between October and April.
They had a pretty good selection of different fruit flavours.

Too bad, they really hit the spot in the summer.

My son used to love them, but apparently they got rid of them in 7-Eleven because the machine maintenance was a lot of hassle for the staff. They were out of order quite a lot as I remember.

They used to sell soft serve too. I miss that more. Banana chocolate swirl. :drooling_face:

I think Family still has soft serve.

They’re kind of sketchy though. Don’t want to get the runs. If I really need my fix, I get a cone at I-Mei.

Good point.
I don’t recall them having any flavours that tasted like ass :+1:

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