Where are Trump's Tax returns?


No, she did not!


Yup, you can see them. Doesn’t take long.


You can see them, I can’t.
But you have been drifting off into you alternative facts reality for too long.
It must be like a black hole out there with a point of no return.
Too bad your garbage can still escape and hit us.


Done, and was not enough.
Good luck in your echo chamber of:“I don’t have proof to what I’m saying, but I don’t like the truth so I’ll stick to my version”.


It doesn’t work that way. See the above.


Again, it doesn’t matter.
0 proof of Russian interference -> you want to believe in it because it makes you feel better
No proof that Trump avoided taxes illegally -> you want to believe in it because it makes you feel better
Actual proof that Trump paid his due taxes -> doesn’t matter, not enough evidence

No reason to discuss further.


you are right about that!
Till we see the full tax returns leading up to his election, no need to discuss the empty void.


If you stare into the void long enough, the void stares into you.


Two pages of the tax return from 2005?

When was the big bank/housing crash in the US that almost took down the entire world economy again? Ah! It was 2008 wasn’t it?
And what business is Trump in?
So, between 2005 and 2016 there is nothing that should interest us, you think?
It’s time enough for a murder, plea bargain, in and out of jail/prison.

And Russia would have set up their man at the age of 60 something a decade ago, sure.


Are you watching this?


They are taking a shit now, I guess.


The only evidence I’m seeing so far is that you can fool most people all the time because they have shit for brains.


All rumors and innuendos, zero evidence. They must be taking a page from the mainstream media playbook.


Lack of evidence is evidence of a conspiracy. Or something.

I’m old enough to remember when Comey was in cahoots with The Donald. Oh wait. That was a few months ago.


Yes! No evidence that Trump’s phone was tapped by Obama or anyone else for that matter.

But they confirmed that Russia interfered with the election in Trump’s favour.
They also confirmed that the Trump campaign made contacts with Russia that suspiciously matched their activities interfering with the election.
Therefor, Merkel and Trump have nothing in common.
Trump will be a gonna soon!


It’s like watching a dog dry humping a person’s leg.


Dog hump logic. Like paranoia, but more enthusiastic.


Keep it up guys.
The scheme is the same, always!
Some shit is going to rain down on your Donald duck Trump and he has a ralley.
Face it, he knows the ice is melting under his feet.
Once his approval rating is at a safe low, they will remove this clown from office.
Therefor, Trump needs to distract his fan base to keep them in line.
You are doing a good job, too.


Prepare yourself; the disappointment’s gonna bite.


Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. They made it through the election, didn’t they? :slight_smile: