Where are you suppose to park your bicycle in Taiwan's apartments

I got ticketed for leaving my bike in front of my apartment door. is it just this particular apartment or in general, most apartments have some sort of policy against bikes?

In your apartment.


Not too hard to figure out, lol.

See this thread:


I don’t know if this is the case for your apartment, but a couple of the places I’ve lived haven’t allowed anything to be left outside of the apartment, including shoes/shoe racks. They said it was to comply with fire regulations.

Bring the bike inside. If your building has basement parking, maybe ask the guard if you can keep it there? I was able to do that at one place I lived in.


It isn’t a ticket. It’s a note of admonishment, and it’s only the first offense. You won’t be fined until 7 days after the third offense. No worries.


it is prohibited by Article 16 of Condominium Administration Act Building Administration Division, so in general.

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In my apartment building there are two bikes and two scooters parked in the ground-floor entryway. I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be there, but it’s been like that for 10 years.

I recommend keeping your bike in your apartment. It’s not in anyone’s way and there’s less chance of theft.

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If you by any chance, live in the same apartment building I do, keep your shit behind your door.

I don’t want to come back to Taiwan in a few month and find my place cluster fucked!

Our building has people keeping bikes behind their parked cars (, which is what we do), as well as outside their apt doors. Different everywhere.

It’s building/complex dependent.

Seems bad, but on the other hand, people will put all kinds of crap outside their apartment including fire hazards, piles of stinky old shoes, etc without some type of regulations or guidelines.

People will even treat the outside of their house as an extension of apartment and do all kinds of bizarre activities.

Look on the bright side.

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To be honest, they can’t do anything. Who is going to fine you? How can they enforce that?

I’ve had trouble with neighbors doing this at two places in Taiwan. Both times, notes were put up and ignored. When we spoke to the management they basically told us they don’t have enforcement powers.

Just take it in your apartment. Mine goes on the balcony. Don’t add to the problem.

Yes I’ve always done that, providing have a balcony.

Also carry up the stairs not the lift more exercise :weary:

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Yeah most people, especially entitled people who live in the newer buildings with the front desk, reading rooms, swimming pools, etc., extend their apartment right into the hallway. I can see why they wouldn’t want that to start. First it’s the bike, then it’s the electric scooter, then you add a coat rack out there, kids leave their toys anywhere in the hallway … I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing, but it’s a form of “nipping it in the bud”. Better to have a blanket “nothing in the hallway” rule.


If your bike costs more than your scooter or car, keep that inside your apartment.

If it’s a commuter bike and your building is issuing warnings, they must have an area in the complex where you can park your bike. If not, there’s plenty of bike parking along the sidewalks, just make sure you buy a lock!