Where best to escape summer heat in Taiwan?

What is the best place to escape the summer heat in Taiwan? Does not have to be close to any major city, but should be more than just a little village so that it has a sensible amount of eating places, a supermarket bigger than only a little 7-Eleven and the ability for me to rent an apartment for a month or two. The best I could so far come up with is Puli Township, but maybe there are better places? Thank you!

Xueshan tunnel ?
Alishan mountain and hang out with an esteemed ex member of this board?

Seriously you need to move to high up in the mountains or else air conditioned indoors if you want to ‘beat the heat’. Get up early or emerge in the evening is another tactic.


You could move to Hokkaido for the summer. Cheap rents in ski towns.

90 day tourist visa for most people.

as BrianJones points out, there is nowhere to get away from the summer heat in Taiwan, it’s a tropical island…


Downside: higher probability of contacting COVID-19!


Nah, all the Chinese tourists have stopped.

Search for 1500-2500m towns. Plenty of them.
Stay away from touristy ones like QingJing, unless you like that atmosphere.

Do not want to leave Taiwan because of covid-19. But will Puli Township be better than Taipei?

yes. Taipei is humid heaven at 30-35C

Could you please let me know some examples of those towns at an altitude of 1500-2500 m you mention which do also have the ability for me to rent an apartment for a month or two, a sensible amount of eating places and a supermarket bigger than only a little 7-Eleven? Because all the places higher than Puli Township I looked into do not really have this, but are rather just villages which is why I came up with Puli Township as the best solution. Thank you.

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unlikely to have anything bigger than a 7-11 or an independent mom 'n pop convenience store.
So, Puli ok.
How about ChiChi/JiJi, center of 1999 earthquake. I’ve stayed there. Some independent BnBs. I like that town, because its smaller than Puli. But elevation probably under 1000m.

Some people told me that Yilan City on the East coast might better meet my needs than Puli township due to winds from the East cooling it down. So I guess it is East coast wind vs. 400 m altitude of Puli township. What would you think is better to escape the summer heat to the extent that is possible and still having a sensible supermarket etc. around, Yilan City or Puli township? Thanks!

Isn’t international tourism off the table, or is Japan still taking in foreigners?

Mountains, but I live there so stay off my land :wink:
Just kidding but yeah the mountains can be nice unless you are one of those that get mosquito bitten a lot.

You do not want to be in the mountains during a typhoon. Taipei may be humid but electricity will be on for the most part during a typhoon. In the mountains you will not have electricity if a typhoon comes.

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In your house. With AC on.


I’m loving the heat… and it’s only May. Enjoy the summer!

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I love everything hot.

Hot weather
Hot food
Hot girls


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Hard to escape summertime daytime heat in Taiwan even in mountains. People that can just stay indoors.

Mountains towns will be slow, sleep at dark, maybe a chain convenience store, maybe just grandpa shop.


  • Alishan, 2500m, nothing
  • Chingjing, 1700m, dull
  • Duona 多納, 1500m, nothing, aboriginal
  • 奮起湖 Fengqihu, 1400m, tourists on weekends and train station
  • Lalashan, 拉拉山, 2000m, nothing
  • Lishan, 2000m, nothing
  • Puli, dull
  • Ruili, flat area in the mountains,
  • 日月潭, Sun Moon Lake
  • Wutai, 1000m, aboriginal

No place, no mountain, no beach, in Taiwan is easy to escape summertime heat. Good idea to find places that you like and make the best of it.


Is it OK if I replace the Hot weather with Hot coffee? :thinking: