Where can I borrow a whiteboard for one day?

I am helping out at the TAS International Food Fair (end of next week), where I am organizing the Philippine booth (please come and try :slight_smile:). The Food Fair organizing committee has run out of whiteboards for the booths. Ours is an outdoor booth because we are one of the countries that serves barbecue food, and the indoor booths were given priority for whiteboards.

I would like to borrow a standing whiteboard just for that day - Sat 20 Oct. We will have a tent, so even if it rains (apparently, it usually does), the whiteboard would be safe under the tent. The Tourism Bureau at MECO (the Manila Economic and Cultural Office) has agreed to give us posters and brochures, so I would use the whiteboard to pin the posters and menu.

I would appreciate any ideas.

MECO is also lending me a 3m x 3m tarp as well. I need to figure out how to stand it up, but I will treat that as a separate challenge :slight_smile:

Here are some links about the event FYR

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Will you be serving pork?


We usually serve barbecue pork on sticks that are grilled at the booth. We will also have Lumpia Shanghai (small pork “egg rolls”) and pancit rice noodles, usually has pork).

But we will not be serving lechon :frowning:

I would consider getting an inexpensive “pop-up” 10x10 (foot) tent of the type people often use at this kind of event, and then just stringing a couple of ropes across the back between the supports and putting the posters on that. If you don’t need the whiteboard function per se I think it’s going to be a lot of hassle to move it around if it’s going to be big enough to hold posters. I don’t know if that’s an option, though, as it would cost money.

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I have a very shitty one, like for children, with a tasks list from a couple of years ago… A bit of alcohol should be enough for cleaning it. Pm if you’re interested.

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