Where can I buy a bikini?

Does anyone know where I can get a bikini in Taipei? I’ve only seen one piece bathing suites and most of them are pretty ugy too. I’ve tried Idee and some of the foreign clothing stores (Mango / Guess etc…) but haven’t had much luck.

There are several shops in Tianmu, Chung Shan N. Rd, Sec. 7 selling bikinis. The shops are on the East side of the street North of Hollywood Fitness.The ones I saw last week had a starting price of around $300NT.

hahah…i guess it’s the same with bras…where the hell can u find a bra without stuffing…besides those that cost triple price compared to those you get at home…

There’s an export/outlet store I wanted to visit last year that had some decent looking bikinis whenever we drove past. It’s on Minchuan, between Fuxing and Dun Hua (I think). If you get off the Chung Shan stop on the Brown line, cross the street and then I think you walk east from there. Haven’t seen any swimwear in Tienmu but I don’t go up there as often as I used to.

May I suggest making your own bikini from all those unneeded surgical masks left over from the SARS scare. Mmm, three should be enough.

But weren’t a lot of the masks made out of bras in the first place?

If you need an opinion when trying them on…

The bras here are stuffed??? Ohh…

The Tailor of Chou,

personal fittings by appointment only. :wink:

Just kidding. couldn’t resist that one. Come now how can hard can it be? Sogo, Takishimaya, Boutiqes and seamstress’ all around. Surely you can find one that suits your style, especially the closer you get to the sea.


Since most bras and panties in Taiwan are in bright day-glow colors, why don’t you just wear a colored bra and matching colored panties instead of a bikini? I’m sure it would look much better than the ugly two-piece bathing suits that are sold in Taiwan, which have skirts covering the bottoms.

well…best thing to do is buy ur underware and bikinis at home!!! or does somebody really wanna wear these stuffed “bright day-glow colorerd” bras or pseudo bikinis with skirts??? maybe somebody should start a poll about this…=)