Where can I buy a cheap sex toys?

I was cruising Snake Alley some months ago and was curious about pricing. I was shocked a $10.00 dollar toy in the U.S. is 3,000 nt (and up) in Taiwan. Maybe I am in the wrong line of work. On a side note, I had a female friend in Hsinchu, just friends, but she wanted a toy and asked if I would buy it for her. (Shy Canadians) I did so but DAMNED expensive. She wasn’t too happy either but I had kept the receipt. Louisa, where are you these days?


$3000NT toy? What is it, a blow up doll or something?

Flesh lights are about the same as they cost as the US (anywhere from 2000 to 3000nt) and you have to have really fancy toys to spend 3000 on it. Dildo is around 500-1000nt depending on what you get…

This was from looking around various sex shops in Taipei… they’re everywhere by the way. Most only open in the evening. Seen a bunch around the Red Theater at Ximen, but that’s mostly for gay men.

You can make your own.

Perhaps using dragon bones?

I hate splinters.

Gin Gin Bookstore is located between Taipower Building MRT and Gongguan MRT.


Popular with the gay and lesbian crowd… enjoy!

they say a lady shouldnt get too acquainted with a vibrator cuz no man can equal the vibrations.

The local market has a fruit and produce section that has plenty of inexpensive items that can be used as sex toys and then consumed afterwards for some healthy goodness. Remember to wash and then cook before consumption!

I was wondering if anyone knows places in Taichung where I can find sex toy shops?

Cheap sex toys are for cheap sex ! (sorry couldn’t resist :slight_smile: )

Sure is… but way more exciting than top dollar sex (IMHO)

Language exchange. But don’t marry them.

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My wife has some second hand toys you can have for a small fee. Some of them have only been used once.


If you are competing against a cheap sex toy, then…your battery must have died.

Poya. A larger than expected selection of toys mostly on top row, lubricants, huge variety of condoms.

Don’t go cheap…


Looks scary :astonished:


Don’t put your in that. Or do.

Poya has the smaller disposable (?!) egg version of Tenga.