Where can I buy a cheap sex toys?

Just keep in mind, Japanese know their sex toys, but in Japanese sizes. :grimacing:

My friend told me the YouTube instructional video Tenga says 12 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter.

Man, my Poya is NOTHING like that. :disappointed:

The most exciting thing we have is some imported chocolate…


WTF is that thing? It looks like a Star Wars weapon.

There’s another opportunity for Hello Kitty to extend the brand further.

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I think you’ll find that most of those toys are actually back massagers.

Useful if you have aches and pains, nothing sexy about it.



Best answer.

Looks like the female ones are mostly/all vibrators and they don’t have the power to massage muscles.

The male ones are mostly simulators.

A lot of them are the same sex toy bought at an adult toy store.

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Can someone slightly less naive than me explain the red spatula-like “toy” in the first photo that has the name “something-hero” (英雄)

It looks like it’s designed for flipping pancakes.

Edit: Nevermind, it’s a tongue.

I’ve been to like two sex toy shops in town and they were mostly catered to gay men’s needs.

Best resource is that huge sex toy department store in Akihabara in Tokyo.

Also what’s the point of Durex Fetherlite (“our thinnest condom ever”), Durex Fetherlite Ultra-Thin (“REALLY our thinnest condom ever”), and Durex Air (“ok this is ridiculously thin now”) all being available at the same time?


Presumably they’re all different prices? That’d be an interesting economics PhD project, figuring out why people choose one over the other.

Condoms: one of the few products where the more you pay, the less you get.

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Okay guys make sure you select the right egg or you might be disappointed when you get home.