Where can I buy a chess set?

Bobwundaye cafe needs to buy a few chess sets. Anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced one?

Good luck. After looking around in Taipei, I bought mine (a nice wooden set) in Tokyo. Apparently, very few Taiwanese play western chess and I was unable to find even a decent plastic set here. The forumosa Game Club thread started off as “Anyone want to play chess?” A few of us got together, including BuLaiEn, Salmon, Iris and Miltownkid and shared tales of how hard it is to find a chess set in Taiwan. But hopefully someone else has a better answer for you.

There’s a place on YenChi Street between Ren Ai and Chung Xiao E. Rd. that sells some. I’ve never gone in to the shop but they have some chess sets and lots of mahjong stuff in their window.

Perhaps you should make your own… it might even be fun… a trip to Yingge and make 'em out of porcelain.

I know that store… their stuff isn’t cheap. A very good majong set costs >NT$2000, and a basic one is ~NT$800. I don’t know about chess sets because I don’t remember seeing them… sorry.

The place on Yanji Street has a pretty poor selection, but they do have one or two ornate chess sets.

Their best majong set is about 14,000 nt. Thought of getting that one for myself. I would like an ornate Chinese Chess set, but they seem impossible to buy.

You could probably find some at Toys R Us.
But I’d be happy to pick some up in Oz for Cathy.
Checkers would also be good.
Drop me a PM.

Toys R Us have them. They’re cheap and nasty. Why not buy online?

Hands Talung @ Breeze Center has some sets but they are of the expensive kind.

They caught my eye but I didn’t check if they have any ordinary ones, too …

Spack, I agree, I’d rather not give my money to ToysRUs, but I was so desperate for a chess set a few years back that I did venture in there. They had some really tacky small plastic chess/checkers/backgammon combo boards, so I passed. I then looked online and found a couple of places I wanted to buy from but they didn’t ship to Taiwan. :imp: In today’s world what kind of a company does not ship internationally?

You guys are in luck. I’m getting together a shipment of handcarved wooden chess sets here in Bali. My wife will be taking them back to Taipei next weekend. PM me your email address and I’ll email you photos and specs. We’re planning to sell them for about $1,000NT each.

Another place to try is downstairs form the main Eslite bookstore. There’s a couple of shops there with some wooden games and things. A few nice things, but I can’t quite remember about chess sets. I think you should be able to get something passable.


I did see a set there, but it was NT$1400.

saw some decent wooden ones in the asiaworld toys are us for $300. pavilion brand.