Where can I buy a decent, new bike for under 10k?

Anyone know where I can buy a functional A-B bike that I can cycle the ten minute ride to work for under 10k or at a push 15k? I want something that won’t breakdown after a couple of months but it doesn’t need to look stylish or be able to fold up or anything.

I used to buy bikes from Decathlon back in the UK where you could get something reliable for under 150 quid but I don’t think they sell bikes over here. I don’t really want a 2nd hand bike cos I’m not really a bike enthusiast and thus don;t know what to look for to know if I’m buying a dud or not and would quite like a receipt/guarantee on what I get. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

Decathlon sell bikes here too.


Bikes are cheap in Taiwan, I found that even a cheap bike in the US costs over 300 dollars…

I think there’s a certain expat bike shop somewhere… I don’t know the name though.

You could always use youbike, the bikes are pretty good and the rates are really cheap.

What is your height? Taipei Bike Works has a couple second hand but decent ex rental bikes they’re selling off. Would fit your budget no problem.

Otherwise, new, decent, and under $10k is beginning to be tough to find depending on your definition of decent. Giant escape 3 would be ok. Btw avoid anything with front suspension in that budget, it’ll just become extra weight.

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[PChome線上購物 -] —
PC Home is a good place to browse and get an idea of prices.

go to Giant bike store and check, they have bikes under 10k for sure.
decathlon also sells bikes, check their website for pricing.


Or just go in person. Then you’ll immediately see if the frame and style are suitable for you.

With your budget you could absolutely be able to get this done.


Mom and Pop shops have really cheap bikes for a few thousand. They are easy and friendly to help if needing repairs or air or whatever and will sometimes add a cheap basket or something.

Usually found on small side streets or somewhere near universities and schools.

Type in bike shops in google maps and can scroll around and see if any around but the small independent ones don’t always show up. Even if the pictures look bad, drop by anyway, sometimes surprised will have some decent options.

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The caveat with the mom and pop shops is that they will almost certainly be closed for a good part of the upcoming new year break. As the new school semester approaches (unis start on February 14) they will of course be up and running again.


Is parking it going to be an issue? If it is, consider getting a folding bike.

Taiwanese sites of Giant, Merida and Decathlon all have prices for all their bikes. Even their cheapest bikes have a minimum of quality. Although I would not go too low from 10K.

What I don’t know is if the current stock problem also apply for these cheaper bikes. You may have problems to find a specific model and size.

Right. Not “minimum quality” :wink:

I think a giant bike under 10k from a giant dealer is probably the safest bet. I don’t know nowadays but 10years ago I certainly wouldn’t trust a decathlon bike. But again, maybe there is nothing wrong with decathlon bikes these day.

Here’s an example of a cheap shop. Looks like nothing but when you go past they have lots of cheap new bikes inside ready to go.

Always around willing to make adjustments or add air to the tires or whatever.



Decathlon bikes were always decent. They are not Walmart, Carrefour type of bikes. Yes, they can fail, but they’re not built to fail.

Is my sentence weird in English? Honest question.

For what it’s worth, if you shop at Carrefour this weekend, you get 10% the value of your purchase back as a coupon to use in February. And some Carrefour branches, like the one in Danshui, do have Giant outlets inside.

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From my perspective, it’s easy to understand you. Thanks for contributing!


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It made sense to me in the context. I guess could insert another word for more clarity and say “minimum standards of quality” or something similar.