Where can I buy a diabetic lancet device in Taipei?

The device and the lancets. Thank you.

There’s a thread on blood sugar monitors here which might have useful info:

Thanks for that.

Hm, I think I’m going to be far away from that area. Are there any big chain pharmacies that are pretty much ubiquitous that’ll have the device? I’m guessing Cosmed and Watson’s wouldn’t carry that kind of thing. Thank you!

Diabetes is so common (and increasingly so in Taiwan, I believe) that I can’t imagine small pharmacies not carrying these. But I don’t know for a fact how widely available these are in Taiwan, sorry. Anyone?

You can buy those from any Tin Tin (TT) drug- / infant stuff chain stores. They carry normally several brands testing devices, lancets & test strips too. :sunglasses:

Or order via Ebay. . . . Cheaper choice.

Wide selection of other stuff as well. Like blood pressure monitors, thermometers (incl. scanning ones), steam inhalators etc.

I got my reader/ kit from my local hospital for a 500 NT deposit and no rental charges. I also buy my lancets and strips from the hospital for quite a bit less than in the stores. The machines are not inexpensive so if you have a hospital nearby it might be worth a stop to their medical equipment rental office.

A tad OT, but I’m interested. Can one buy insulin OTC in Taiwan or do you need a prescription?

Most medical shops and Hospitals carry them including big chain pharmacies

Hospitals generally get a subsidized price from the mfg and distributors but can be a pain. Medical shops will be convenient but more $$. Lancets are usually given free to both hospitals and medical shops.

Almost all brands of meters are sold in Taiwan. Roche, Lifescan…etc…plus there are local brands. Not all meters are equal, so there is a reason why the Taiwanese brands haven’t had a huge impact overseas like other electronics. (disclaimer - I work for a foreign mfg. of medical devices). Stick with a well known brand (less blood, more accuracy) and make sure you test 3 times a day. :2cents: