Where can I buy a door?

I have a room with one of those ugly plastic folding sliding doors. I want to replace it with a cheap plastic door like a bedroom might have. I have looked and looked and I can’t find any place that sells that. The only thing I’ve found are fancy imported ones. I’ve biked around every lane and alley in my area and I don’t see anything that looks like it sells or does work on doors.

Those plastic doors have to be installed into masonry…

Visit a building supply shop. You know the shops with all those bricks, mortars, plywood, etc.

They will have one. I think they are around 2500 each. You’ll need masons to put them in as well.

I should have said, there is a door frame already there. It has screw holes where the hinge screws into the door frame. And there’s a hole for the latch bolt. I just need a door that fits it.

But no, I don’t know those shops you described. What’s the Chinese word for it?

The plastic door comes as a unit, along with frame and all that. They have no holes or anything for mounting as they are designed to be set into brick. They are also smaller than a standard door. You need a wooden door and they are more expensive.

In Chinese they are called 建材行

Or if you are a handyman you can make your own out of thin plywood and wooden sticks…

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Not handy enough to build a door, not without tools and space. We may be talking about different things.

This picture shows where I want to put the door, just the corner of it. You can see the door frame and, if you look closely, it’s already fixed into the brick and there are four screw holes where the original door was. That sliding door can be removed easily. It’s just screwed into the frame.

This is the kind of cheap plastic door I want to replace it with, though this one is in a wood frame. I’ve seen the same kind in many apartments with wood or metal frames.

I’m sure it’s possible to buy just a door. Years ago my roommate came home drunk and fell into an already damaged door. The landlord saw it one day, then removed it, and brought a new one that fit. It could have been the place he bought the first one.

That’s a bathroom door. Go to B&Q or whatever it’s called these days. You can ask them to go to your place to install a door.

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I will say this again, those plastic bathroom doors are smaller than normal bedroom doors. It will not fit. It will require some work to make it fit.

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I thought B&Q was gone and forgotten. There’s a home goods store where they used to be. I don’t know if they have installation services. I don’t want installation services or some drawn out process. I just want to buy a door.

I have one on my office too, and have had on several other rooms in other apartments, so I thought they would work for different rooms. But I just measured. The door in the picture is 68.5cm, the office door is 67.5cm, and the door I want needs to be about 85cm, so I think I’ll end up hanging a curtain. Thanks though.

I thought they still exist in Taiwan, although I’ve never been certain if they’re still branded as “B&Q” (maybe “特力屋”?). There’s one in the same building as the Xindian Carrefour, for example.

I would imagine that local hardware stores may be more convenient/have a wider range/be cheaper though.

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Maybe you can try searching 門窗 in Google Maps. For example, I found a number of places in Taoyuan. From the photos it looks like they have all kinds of door styles.

Thanks, I didn’t know what they were called. I was searching for variations on door store. There aren’t any in my neighborhood, but I found in a few in some areas in decrepit old storefronts surrounded by out of business decrepit old storefronts. If you look back in time with Google they were active places once. I wonder how much it would cost to rent one of those. Anyway, I wouldn’t have much luck there without dragging a friend along, after making a friend of course, and I really can’t schedule workers coming in and out when I’m gone most of the time. I think I have to drop the idea and put up something more manageable.