Where can I buy a thick mat for my squat rack?

I’ve set up a small at home gym. I have a squat rack, a bench, Olympic set and Kettlebells. I don’t want to damage the wood floor in the apartment where I live and I need to buy asap a thick mat like the ones used in the Crossfit gym. The yoga mats are to thin. Where can I buy something like this in Taipei. Only the squat rack weights 135lbs so I need a very good mat.

Thank you so much for your help! :notworthy:

That’s going to be extremely hard to get, especially in small quantities like what you’re needing. Your best bet is the section of Taipei north of the Taipei Train Station that sells industrial supplies. Many places there sell rubber by the roll and you can buy as much or as little as you want. I got some for our gym but it smelled like you wouldn’t believe even though it got the job done. Maybe over time the smell would go away? I would have given it to you but we got rid of it. Still, this is your best bet. I don’t have an address but you just keep walking north of the old bus station and you’ll find that section of town. good luck.

Sorry… I thought this thread was about buying a bra…

Would one of those roll up mats that people use to sleep on when they go camping work? They’re like super thick yoga mats. I bought my yoga mat from Costcos and it’s pretty thick, but maybe still only 8mm.

Thank you. I plan to go to a gym but one or twice a week, but I also want to do my fitness routine 3x a week at home. I’m sure I will need a good mat. I’m even considering buying it online and have it delivered here…I know it would very expensive but I don’t want to damage the floor in the apartment and I don’t think I would be able to deal with the bad smell either.

I went to B&Q and poked around the flooring section until I found something that was good enough to do the job. They have a lot of what is essentially temporary flooring that you can put down. It certainly wouldn’t handle dropping weight from an overhead position but does fine for protecting the floor and keeping things fairly quiet for our neighbors.