Where can I buy Canesten Cream?

Can someone in the taipei city area tell me where I can buy Canesten Cream, it’s a Bayer product & it’s for athlete foot. I purchased it last year at Watson’s but they don’t seem to be stocking it (at least not at the various outlets that I visisted, shilin, mingde, shipai, shuanglian, Gongguan). I have also checked out most of the pharmecist in these areas as well & just cannot seem to find it. I do know that their are other alternative products but just want to stick with something that I know treats the problem effectively as I have tried 2 other procts previous that dib’nt seem to be as good. So if anyone out there spots this product please tell me where, so I can go get it before the summer sets in & the itch really gets worse. Thanks!

I don’t know about Canesten Cream, that sounds like a brandname.
I’ve found that Quadriderm or Quadricrem 四聯 works, you can find it in local pharmacies, anywhere between NT$60 and NT$140
There is also a cream in Green and Yellow tubes from Cosmed, but that took bloody ages to work… (sorry don’t remember the brandname)