Where can i buy english/us games?

ok, i didn’t bring any of my games with me since i figured i could buy some here, but forgot that most games here are the chinese version. i’ve found a few that had the option to install in either english or chinese, but they were few and far between. anyone know of any places to buy imported or english-version games? i don’t care about the instruction manual, i just want an english interface when i play. and i don’t mind paying more for an imported game(though it’d be nice if they weren’t TOO expensive). anyone suggestions?

Originally posted by Flipper: anyone know of any places to buy imported or english-version games?

The internet. No, not joking. Or you can browse through a lot of shops, sometimes there are games that have not been translated yet or came in through other “channels”.

Olaf is right.

If you want English-language stuff, Amazon.com is probably best. They offer discounted prices and the shipping won’t kill you. Personally, I’d rather pay Fedex than someone locally that by all appearances is profiteering.

While I shop religiously at Amazon for books, for things like software and electronics more often than not you will recieve the message Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.

So Amazon.com may not be the best choice for games. But for other things it certainly beats going to Taipei.

I’ve never had a problem finding english language games here. Ask a Taiwanese friend to show you the characters for “Chinese handbook” and learn to recognize that. If it says chinese handbook, chances are the game hasn’t been translated, just the handbook. Most of the games that have been translated say so on the packaging. If it doesn’t say that then you’re safe.

Flipper, try this place at Taipei Train Station’s underground mall

Street Game Mall

tel: (02)2559-4855


Not only do they sell English games, they carry classic games as well (my fav), there’s another store couple blocks from there that have the same items.

Another areas, although primarily PC-related, is Kuang-Hua Plaza (光華商&#22580 , from the train station, take subway blue line Eastbound to Kunyang (昆&#38525 , get off at Chunghsiao-Hsinsheng (忠孝新&#29983 , once you get off the station, go north along Taipei Technological Univ, it’s the underground stores below the bridge at Hsinsheng North Rd, just ask students there where it is, you can’t miss it

Well, games used to be all English versions with Chinese manuals but in the past two years Chinese versions or Chinese/English versions are showing up. I’ve never seen imported games sold here simply because practically nobody would buy them.

To figure out if a version is English or Chinese, you’re going to have to read the box. For instance, I can only find MechWarrior 4(old game) in Chinese here. But Diablo II and Warcraft 3 both have the combined Chinese/English version. Best way to figure it out is to bring along someone or ask the storekeeper.