Where can i buy epsom salts?


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there was a tread a while ago about this . but i ended up calling the store and they said they dont stock epsom salts .

and some one else stated that you need to goto a doctor to get epsom salts from the chemist in taiwan .

as in most western citys you just get epsom salts from the chemist .

as any person any ifo on where i can get epsom salts {magnesium sufate ] in taiwan.




It’s called 瀉利鹽 “xie li yan” in Chinese.

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thk you sir.

if you have any problems with your diet let me know. i can help



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make sure you allways . i meen every day have 1/2 shots {only} of the brandy ,

what this does is . stops any methanol which you consume from foods . via {pectin} turns to methanol within ahour of eating .

so allways eat super fresh . no old fruits and vegs . in tins or any packets of any form . as it will have pectin=methanol .

its called . ADH alcohol dehydrogenase . its stops the methanol turning into {formaldehyde} which it a very bad acid .

only 1/2 shots no more ???

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i forgot to add i have 1 shot of brandy aday . every day ,

Why can you have 1 shot?

I probably eat more fresh fruit than most people.

to many problems , to list , just dont over do the drink ,

and eat fresh . 100% of the time .

take care


Anyone know wher I can find Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate)?

I’m in Taipei

I’m looking for some espsom salt for taking hot baths with for muscle soreness. Do they have them at pharmacies?

guys can someone please help me where to buy Epsom salts here in Taipei?ty

I just bought some from shopee. Just search 瀉鹽. 發現超棒的東西『硫酸鎂 瀉鹽 產地 : 德國 僅限外用【冠亦商行】』,售價$45!分享給你 https://shopee.tw/product/5043391/107581087?smtt=0.0.9

Looking for a long soak.

AKA magnesium sulfate - I bought some on Shopee, NT$70 per kilo.

The seller is one of the chemical stores on Tianshui Road called 城ㄧ化工, if you prefer to go in person.


Awesome. Thanks A!

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