Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


They had another branch on Anhe road, no idea about now.

taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … 2003374685


I don’t know about all them fancy places on the East Side, but Boite de Bijou behind Shida (the north side of Heping) is very popular and has some good breads. 19-1 Lane 33, Lishui St. They appear to have a branch on Anhe Rd. as well. No rye bread though.


That’s the one I was talking about, great desserts. :thumbsup:

I stick to my German bread, though, at Oma Ursel. And if not possible to go there, Richard Blanc walnut “wholewheat” for B-fast sandwiches.


Best sliced rye in town is at the florida bakery. beat’s the hell out of levy’s :slight_smile:


Yes! Great little place. I like the peppercorn bread (available only on M, W, F, and Sun, if I recall).

Another way to find it would be to travel south of Chaozhou Jie, getting closer to the branch of Shi-da with the Mandarin Training Center.

You can also go to Bunny Listens to the Music and ask for directions from there, since the two places (Bunny and Boite) are run by the same people.


OMG… :astonished:…the bakeries here in Taiwan are soooooo much better than the ones in
So. Korea which suck. Yes, some of you have mentioned some pretty good bakeries
here in Taipei. :wink: My fave is Dobos near Ximen Station. (about a 15 minute walk.)
02-2389-0146. 73 Chen du Road. My favorite there is the brown sugar cake for 21 NTD.
Bon appetit! :slight_smile:


Best bakery has to be WENDEL’s :slight_smile:


What do you like about Wendel’s? Where is it located?

Thank you


The easy one to get to is here hungryintaipei.blogspot.com/2011 … ndels.html
Their cakes are pretty good considering the price, but their bread is expensive and not all that imho, at least not the stuff I bought there.


I don’t know about their Tianmu location but the Wendels on Dong Chiu area really sucks…their pies/cakes were very localised, not impressed.


The Wendel’s on Dexing Rd near Zhishan MRT is excellent: they have lots of very interesting, tasty high-fiber bread - very much the antidote for the overly sweet “toast” from 7-11 or supermarkets. Their sourdough bread and their house bread are both great, and quite palatable for those not up to trying the “Devil’s fart” variety!

They also have a good selection of buns, cookies and cakes, delicious and reasonably priced.

The owner / operator is German and knows what he’s doing.


Not in dong chiu unfortunately.


Checked the last 4 pages of the thread and didn’t see the bakery on B2 of Bella Vita mentioned (name of which escapes me atm). Pricey, and some might find it gimmicky (carrot/parmesan bread for example), but very tasty, excellent quality, interesting texture. I might not bother going there for sandwhich slices, but get cravings for some of their various flavored breads.


My kitchen? :stuck_out_tongue:

(oh yeah, uhm, well, I guess it’s not for sale, so it doesn’t really count…)


Where it is can be found at their website wendels-bakery.com . Basically one in Tienmu near Sogo (5 minutes walk from Zhishan MRT), and a new branch near SYS Memorial Hall MRT. Even though the owner can be a bit weird at times, the bread is outstanding in my opinion. Simply the same quality as back home in Germany. The susages were disappointing, though, and the restaurant in Tienmu is just OK in my opinion (with the exception of the cold cuts, which are great). I am looking forward to trying the Flammkuchen there, let’s see if it is on par with my homemade one :slight_smile:

Ok, so what’s good bread there? For my (very occasional) bread craving I by far like best Wendel’s “Kosaken Loaf”:

Pretty dark, very moist, yummy crust. Godly if its still warm. Of course which bread is best totally depends on personal preferences, but this is also what I liked best back in Germany. Very affordable, too. The house bread was recommended to me many times, with similar properties - but so far I didn’t get the chance to try.

Some of my other favorites are for example all of the “Laugen” (Lay) stuff, which I normally eat with salted butter. Besides Brezeln (Pretzels) those would be Laugen Cheese Bacon (especially if you ask them to warm it up and you eat it immediately, Laugen Croissant, and the simple Laugen Stick. Also good are the Onion Roll and Malt Roll.

Yes, they have lots of localized stuff. One of these that is surprisingly good in my opinion is the Tunafish Bread with its garlicky, well spiced filling.

Extremely popular with both my Taiwanese and German friends is the Banana Cake, a thing I never had in Germany, but learned to love here. Sweet, moist, natural. Also described by A Hungry Girl’s Guide To Taipei. The Donauwellecake is pretty good as well, even though quite different from the way I am used to bake it. At Christmas time, their Stollen is very good in my opinion, but pretty expensive.


I was surprised to see a Wendel’s in an alleyway near Zhongxiao and Yanji Jie today; apparently they opened last November. The address was Guangfu S. Rd., Ln. 260, #28 Da An district. Wendel’s bread has always been pretty good.


Yep, that’s their new shop, referred to above as “near SYS Memorial Hall MRT”. That’s also the one HungryInTaipei reviewed. More info (also on some pretty severe issues with their service there) here in the Wendel’s thread:



I am VERY disappointed in the new bakery in the 101 Jason’s, after the recent remodeling. They may have one or two items which are passable if you don’t have particularly high standards, and perhaps there is something good there I’ve not tried, but overall, it ranges from mediocre to downright bad. A mere glance at the products on the shelves will tell you something – loaf after loaf of inadequately browned, unappetizing pale breads. When you walk through a bakery, the variety of crust colors should attract the eye. The aromas of crisp, brown crusts should make you hungry. This new bakery is the exact opposite, visually and in aroma. Pale, weak, boring.

And while some of the breads there are ‘edible’ (the ciabattas, for instance, and the full-size French baguettes), others are really downright bad, with horrible texture, no depth of flavor, and adulteration with inappropriate ingredients. For instance, my wife bought some bread there before I could warn her off. One was a short, small baguette (ficelle?) labeled ‘soft French bread’ (in Chinese). Rather than containing only flour, salt, water and yeast, this tasted like it had milk powder, eggs, and perhaps dough conditioner (lecithin?) added. There was no crust to speak of, just a yellow surface. The crumb (interior) had the texture of a mediocre hamburger bun. There was no real flavor past the milk powder and eggs. Worst “French bread” ever! Unfortunately, my wife also bought some other breads there, one multigrain mini-baguette which was like a slightly doughy version of a Subway bun, colored grayish brown with what was likely a commercial “za2liang2” powder, and sprinkled with a few seeds on top. Not good. There was a ciabatta with some nuts inside which was edible, but unremarkable, lacking real depth or character. And there’s a focaccia which we have yet to try, but obviously, hopes are low.

Overall, avoid!


Good I didn’t buy anything there today then. They had some kind of loaf covered with oats that looked interesting, but that was about it…
The whole makeover makes Jason’s look more like a western supermarket, yet they have fewer products now from what I can tell.


If you just want a quick, plain Italian/French baguette bread, try the Bread Societe basket of baguettes. Fresh baked, they’ll slice it to your liking.

Good enough for 40nt and since Bread Societe is everywhere, very convenient without going to a supermarket.